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Jun 5, 2013 09:21 AM

Supermarkets near downtown?

I'm hoping to stock up on a few grocery items before heading back overseas. I'm gonna be located in the loop and the near north area. Are there any good supermarkets nearby? Or at least decent grocery stores where I can get some things that I can't get abroad, like bottled salsa, barbecue sauce, breakfast cereals, etc?

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  1. It sounds like you are looking for a general ("mass market," if you will) supermarket rather than a gourmet grocer. Chicago's 2 major general grocery chains are Jewel and Dominick's and both have locations near the Loop. Dominick's has a location in River North, which is just on the other side of the Chicago River to the north of the Loop at 225 East Grand Ave and another one in the West Loop ( the area to the west of the Loop) at 1 North Halsted St. Jewel has a River North location at 550 N. State St. In addition there is a location of Trader Joes in River North at 44 E. Ontario and a Whole Foods in River North at 30 West Huron.

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      There are also 2 Mariano's downtown locations, one at 333 E. Benton and the other at Halsted and Madison.

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        Explanation: Mariano's downtown is hard to find---from Michigan go east on Randolph about three blocks then just a few steps north of Randolph into a little plaza with Mariano's and some restaurants. Does not face on Randolph---the first time is hard to find.

    2. Thanks, everyone! That's great.