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Jun 5, 2013 08:57 AM

Pho Bang Downhill?

I've gone to Pho Bang in Garland dozens of times. The last two times I went the broth had a bitter, overly peppery flavor. Does anyone know if they've had an ownership/chef change? Has anyone noticed a similar decline in quality? Since I've enjoyed it for so long I'm assuming my experiences were anomalies but twice in a row justifies polling the community.

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  1. Try the newly opened Rice and Wheat on Maple. It's one block north of Maple & Motor. They serve the very best beef Pho I've had in Dallas!

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    1. re: twinwillow

      The best beef pho in Dallas is a big claim......of course there is not that many Vietnamese restaurants in the Dalals city limits.

      As for Pho Bang I haven't been in probably two years or more. There is just so much I pass from Lewisville to go there for a bowl of pho.

      I have been hitting up Senmiya in Plano on Coit and Park about once a week for the past three weeks.

      1. re: LewisvilleHounder

        I went to Senmiya a couple days ago for lunch. I was initially deterred by the ambiance and pan Asian menu but all the food I had was great. Specifically, the clay pot rice and the basil chicken (actually 3 cup chicken for fans of Taiwanese food) were delicious.

        1. re: LewisvilleHounder

          PIFL is still the only place worth going to within city limits. Otherwise, apart from the above post, I've never heard anything good about the pho at that place off Maple. And Dalat? No way.

          1. re: air

            I have to agree, DaLat's Pho is weak on depth of favor. However, before you pass judgement on Rice and Wheat's Pho merely based on hearsay, I would recommend you try it first hand and then express a factual objective opinion.

            1. re: twinwillow

              I guess. In this case, I'm not too motivated to try since the info comes from people who have similar preference as me. Would just prefer not to go out of my way on a dice roll, then end up unhappy is the point I'm making.

            2. re: air

              We tried Rice and Wheat last week. Just got the sushi, so I can't report on the pho. The staff is extremely friendly, so I wish the sushi was better. Not awful, but there are better places to go for the same cost. I'm more into Hu Tieu than pho, so if I went back, I'd probably try the Thai food.

              The one time we went to DaLat, its was a bad experience. It took close to an hour for the food to arrive in a mostly empty restaurant on a Sat afternoon. Our waiter was non-existent. It took so long to get a menu, we just looked it up on our phones. The fish sauce for my vermicelli noodles had almost no fish sauce in it. My husband's soup arrived lukewarm. The table next to us was an asian couple from Houston who were told to try this place. We felt so bad for them. They took about three bites of soup, got up and left. This was after waiting almost an hour.

              1. re: Webra1

                I've been to Rice & Wheat only for their Pho. Which I've found to be the best this side of Garland.
                And, a much shorter distance to travel.

                I doubt if I'd eat sushi or Thai food there as I have my own personal favorites for those cuisines.

          2. re: twinwillow

            We visited Rice & Wheat again today and much to our surprise, there appeared to be a 160 degree turn around in the food. And I mean for the worse! The Pho was completely different from our first visit. The broth was salty, the beef was tough and chewy and worse than anything, the wonderful large, home made beef meatballs we enjoyed on our first visit were no different from any other "average" Vietnamese restaurant in Dallas. Probably, pre-frozen. Sorry, but I won't go back there again. Funny, too because most of the (much fewer) customers eating there today happened to be Asian.

            1. re: twinwillow

              Sorry, my bad. I meant "180 degree turn"

          3. I haven't been to Pho Bang in a long time so I can't comment on your question, but if you haven't tried La Me, give it a shot. It's been our favorite Vietnamese spot for years.

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            1. re: Webra1

              Love La Me but i've never been crazy about their pho. Pretty much everything else there is amazing though (and big points for using real crab!)

              1. re: demigodh

                What is it with the fake crab??? Blu Ginger (Thai) in Irving uses it, listed on the menu as 'crab,' no warning. My tolerance for that is low (I sent it back). Just tell me it's krab and I will order anything. else.

                1. re: foiegras

                  Sad state of affairs that my expectation is fake crab and am pleasantly surprised/shocked to see real crab. That said, I do like fake crab, a lot.

            2. I'd speak to someone and hope they fix things.

              A while back I noticed a place using parsley instead of cilantro. I mentioned it every visit until it was corrected.

              1. I haven't been in a while, but I spoke with a Vietnamese friend who eats there regularly (it's her favorite in the area) and she said they have good days and bad days... but that they're still generally good.

                1. Give La Xanh a chance. It is in the same plaza, a few stores down from Pho Bang, closer to Walnut.