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Jun 5, 2013 08:00 AM

Frozen croissants -- only good for 3 months?

For Christmas, we received a large box of Williams-Sonoma's ricotta croissants. They're frozen -- you just thaw overnight and bake. I just realized we have half the box left. But the directions say they "will keep frozen for up to 3 months." I'm not quite sure what this means -- I would assume the quality might have gone downhill, but that there is no actual danger of getting sick, since they've been in the freezer this whole time. But I wanted to run it by some others, first. Thoughts?

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  1. Just a matter of quality slowing rading away. Eat them now.

    1. I have frozen croissants for several months with no ill effects. I double bag them in zip lock freezer bags. I do split them and toast lightly to bring them back to life.

      1. Other than rancid oils, which can damage the liver if consumed a lot, there is NO danger of illness with frozen foods. Only the quality decreases and in the case of the croissants I doubt that you'd be able to detect a difference compared to those used upon arrival. Frozen foods can develop freezer burn, which means bad texture and flavor, but it's not dangerous. Very few people, given a choice, will eat the freezer-burned portions of, say, a frozen turkey. But they can feed them to their pets without a problem.

        1. I found half a box of croissant dough that must have been lurking in the freezer for a year. It came out fine as the top of a chicken pot pie.

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