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Bacon Grease - Shelf life?

I saved the fat when I fried up some bacon a few weeks ago and have been using pats here and there for eggs and sauteing but am using sparingly since I do not make bacon often. How long can the fat last in the fridge (its in a foil wrapped bowl)? Is it better to just freeze it?

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  1. I have a jar that's been around for at least 6 months to a year and it's fine. I just keep it in the fridge. I'd check it when you open, if not rancid it's probably OK

    1. Roughly forever? I just keep adding to the jar in the fridge and haven't had any problems using it when I decide to.

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        That's what I do too - I've never had it go rancid.

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          Me too! I thought i was the only crazy one.

        2. My mother had a grease can, she kept it on the cooktop and never refrigerated it. She would just dip a spoon in and take what she needed and when frying bacon she would top it up with that batches grease.

          None of us got sick, she is going strong at 90. She does not have the can any longer and has quit cooking. I still will save bacon grease and use it to grease cornbread/stick pans, in greens, greenbeans, etc.

          Take a look at this chart, http://www.porkbeinspired.com/Nutriti... you will see that pork fat is not as bad as it has been portrayed. It is better for you than butter.

          1. I keep it in a mason jar in the fridge pretty much indefinitely.

            1. Hi, WEY:

              Let your nose be your guide. Purely rendered animal fat takes a *long* time to go rancid, and you will be able to tell. My mom and grandmothers kept their bacongrease in small, speckled enameled steel dip-pots by the stove for months at a time.

              Worry not.


              PS Storing in the reefer/freezer is not a panacea--there is an exchange of odors that happens--sometimes good, sometimes bad.

              1. Lard can last for a long while especially in refrigerator. I would the bacon grease in a small container and then place it in the refrigerator for long term storage.

                  1. I suspect that the salts help to preserve it. I keep mine in a Mason jar in the fridge. I've only been keeping it since November, and I have run out once and broken the jar once.

                    I wouldn't be comfortable leaving it to sit on the counter, but in the fridge I suspect you will use it up before it spoils. The key is to use it! I use it for frying eggs, searing meat, etc.

                    I do think you should put it in something with a lid, otherwise like anything it can pick up fridge flavors and get gross.

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                      I would guess that its longevity would be due to a lack of water. Bacteria and mold cannot grow without moisture.

                    2. transfer to a mason jar or old jelly jar, will last forever.

                      1. If it lasts forever, you aren't making corn bread often enough!

                        1. Bacon grease doesn't go bad. It stays good forever in the fridge, but you can also freeze it.

                          1. Like so many, I have never had it go bad on me. I keep most of the fat that renders from what I cook, BUT I keep it in smallish cans and jars. I use them on a first-in-first-out basis and label with the date I started collecting in that container. It's probably more work than needed, but it keeps things fresher than continually adding to a jar that you never get to the bottom of. 2 cents. ;-)

                            1. I vacumm seal it in a jar and keep it in the fridge. Been in there over year and does not smell rancid.