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early June 2013 -- ChowMeet at MoKoMandy for dinner? Edit: 6pm on Tuesday 11 June probable date

6pm on Tuesday 11 June

sound possible?
My schedule is really flexible if I can plan ahead, so I'm not fixed on a day yet.
Please comment if another day or time is better.

They're only open evenings 5-10 or Sunday Brunch. The brunch menu doesn't seem as group-share friendly.
Although it would be mind- and table- blowing, if we could get 12+ folks, then we could actually order 1 of everything, which would tally out to <$45 per person, Including tax + 18 grat but not including drinks (or other tips).
I have visions of how cool that could be-- "Yes, we'll just take 1 of everything, to share."

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  1. Ooh, I've been wanting to try this place. Btw, the other problem with the brunch menu is that there are no foie gras dumplings on it! That's a must for me.

    The 11th is OK, not great - would rather do Thursday the 13th, but let's see what other responses we get. But count 2 people in for sure.


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      Through the email I also sent out, I have one "only Tuesday" person.

      Check my profile for my email if you weren't on the list I've consolidated from previous ChowMeets.

      1. re: Kris in Beijing

        How do I get on your list for the meet up. My spouse and I would love to join. Tuesday or Thursday would be fine

        1. re: knitone

          Just check my profile for my email and drop me a note.
          I've already included you 2 in my person count comment, below, and updated the OpenTable numbers.

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            1. re: Kris in Beijing

              Well, we will see you there. I checked the profile but could not find email. Will exchange when we meet at restaurant.

              1. re: knitone

                I'm also not seeing any email address in the profile.

      2. Interesting combination of ethnicities. How many items are on their menu? It doesn't load here.

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          Menu as of 6/6/13

          SNACKS & SIDES ($3 each OR 3 for $7)
          Spicy Kimchi --- Mixed Fries --- Fava “Nuts” --- Spin/Sprout Pine Nut --- White Rice --- Purple Rice --- Kimchi Pancakes --- Cracklins --- Butter Chip Pickles --- Fire Cracker Carrots --- Korean Cucumber Salad --- Korean Choucroute --- Fried Kale Chips --- Jalapeño Hush Puppies


          Fried Oysters--cornmeal crust rémoulade (10)

          Seafood Gumbo--dark roux, trinity, oysters, shrimp, rice (11)

          Deviled Eggs--bacon, house spice blend (5)

          Boudin Balls--pork, chicken, rice, cayenne, mustard, steen’s cane syrup (7)

          Jambalaya--cracklins, house-made sausage and tasso, chicken, tomato, trinity, rice (8)

          Ssam --lettuce cups, purple rice, korean accoutrement, sesame, radish, kochujang, scallion (Vegetarian-7) (Pork-8) (Chicken-7)

          Korean Potroast sliders--kimchi’d apples, radish sprouts, fried steamed buns (10)

          Korean Tempura Spicy Tuna Rolls--cucumber, asparagus, dak-wan, spicy mayo, soy/vinegar/chili oil (11)

          Mokomandy Style Grilled “Drago” Oysters--queso seco, herbs, fried mignonette, pickled red onion (10)

          Cajun Beer/Cheese Dip, house-made Foccacia , Bourbon Beef Jerky --Cabot cheddar, poblano, onion, spices, bacon lardon topping (10)

          “Kobe” Carpaccio--shaved wagyu beef, soy, sesame, pine nuts, pear, scallions, daikon sprouts, maldon sea salt (11)

          Foie Gras Dumplings--braised duck, sesame, radishes, house-made plum sauce (13)


          Scallop BLT--house made english muffin, rémoulade, arugula, tomato, bacon (13)

          House-Made Noodles--shiitake and royal trumpet mushrooms, vegetables, sesame, sake, lemon, kochu, soy (13)

          BBQ Shrimp Iceberg Salad-- Louisiana italian dressing, rémoulade, crispy fried onions, arugula, pink peppercorns (14)

          Bulgogi Beef--julienned petite-filet, soy marinade, laver, purple rice, white rice, black garlic, banchan (14)

          Wild Boar Bowl--fried egg, braised wild boar, pork-kimchi, rice, korean accoutrement, kochujang, laver (12)

          Shrimp Étoufée--shrimp, rice, trinity, butter, shrimp chips, house spice blend (14)

          Modern Korean Scallops-- glazed sweet potato, pea puree, sake bok choy, kochu mayonnaise, herb-orange essence (20)

          Mokomandy Shrimp and Grits--shrimp/garlic/lemon/parsley, peas, grits touch of cream/butter (20)

          Fish of the Day--sweet potato/pecan/mushroom/kale hash, lemon scallion pan sauce (15)

          Korean Lobster Omelette and Salad --sesame sautéed lobster meat, scallion, egg, salad, sesame/soy/scallion vinaigrette (20)

          P E I Mussels--pecan smoked cayenne butter, thyme, lemon, garlic, bread (10)

          Steak Frites--2 medallions petite filet, roast coriander & black pepper crust, veg , sweet potato fries, red wine reduction (18)


          ChiMaek = Chicken and Beer! FOR 2 (NEW KOREAN STREET FOOD)--fried chicken strips, fresh potato chips, curry-pickled radish, garlic sauce, chili sauce, and 2 Hite!! beers (21)

          Chap Che--beef, glass noodles, mushroom, vegetables, soy, sesame (16)

          Poutine--fries, sausage, bacon, gravy, cheese curds, truffle oil (14)

          Korean Karnivore Ssam--shaved beef short rib, marinated shiitake caps, veg, lettuce leaves (23)

          Grilled Quail & House-Made Ramen Soup--duck broth, shredded duck meat, runny yolk egg, chili oil, fresh veggies, laver, seasoning “liquor” on the side (16)

          Wagyu Steak, Lobster, Foie gras, & Truffle--6 oz wagyu culotte, sautéed lobster, lobster sauce, foie gras & white truffle grits, sautéed bok choy (34)

          Take out available

          18% Gratuity will be added to parties of 6 or more

          Mon -Sat 5-10 & Sun 5-9 Sunday Brunch 10:30-2:30
          (571) 313-0505

          20789 Great Falls Plaza, Unit 176, Sterling, VA

        2. As of 3pm 6/6/13:

          7 definite
          2 probable

          for MoKoMandy Tuesday 6/11/13 6pm

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          1. re: Kris in Beijing

            That looks like a great menu and I hope you will actually order one of everything! Sadly I'm in Boston again and can't make it down. :-(

          2. Unless somebody already knows, when you get there, ask what the name means. Whenever I read it, I always think of it as it sounds, a restaurant named Mandy in Montgomery County. ;)

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            1. re: MikeR

              When the Post reviewed it, they said it stands for "modern Korean by Mandy". I think Mandy is the owner's mom's name and one of his parents is Korean.

              1. re: Hobbert

                I believe you are correct. I asked once.

                1. re: Hobbert

                  That makes sense, sort of. But certainly not obvious.

                  1. re: MikeR

                    Yeah, it's not something anyone would figure out on their own. Your deduction makes more sense.