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First Date place in D.C.

Any recommendations for a good first date place in D.C.? I'm coming from Baltimore and don't know D.C. well. I'm looking for a place where it is possible to be heard while conversing on a Saturday night.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Casa Oaxaca in Adams Morgan is pretty quiet. Excellent mole sauces. Start off with the enmoladas, and go on to the skirt steak in a red mole, and the pork ribs in a green mole. You should reserve. The food encourages sharing.

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      Casa Oaxaca is a great idea. Not too expensive, laid back, fun.

      Other places to consider: Sushi Taro, Estadio, Tabard Inn, or Hank's Oyster Bar.

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        Tosca for a first date? Wow! I would like to go on a first date with you! haha That's pretty pricey for a first date don't you think?

        1. I didn't find Corduroy terribly loud on a Saturday night. I like the space, not to mention the food & wine list.

          1. I'd go with Kotobuki or Makoto. Worth the extra money just to hear yourself talk on a Saturday night.

            1. You also might want to consider a nice bistro like Bistro d'Oc or Bistro Cacao, the latter of which has nice, intimate little two-person booths.

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                Bistro D'Oc is a great idea. Try to get the window seat on the first floor.

              2. It depends on how much you want to spend and what you like in the way of restaurants.

                If you are a wine drinker and don't mind spending some money, Proof would be a good choice.

                If, on the other hand, you want to be somewhat more moderate, the places that Elyssa recommended would do well.

                Of course, DC is well known for ethnic food, so it may be a chance to show how adventurous your are when it comes to food. To that end, Himalayan Heritage, 2305 18th St., is both Nepalese and Tibetan. Sushi Taro, 1503 17th St NW for good sushi.

                Other good places to try are Palena Cafe (the dining room in back is expensive and a difficult reservation to get on a weekend but really good.)

                1. beyond conversation, what do YOU want from this 1st date, bling-impressive or nice-friendly?

                  you have some great ideas shared for #2 and a few that fit with #1

                  1. Thank you, everyone, for your thoughtful replies.

                    We've agreed on Ardeo & Bardeo in Cleveland Park (her recommendation & choice).

                    If things go well and we go out again, I'll tap this list for ideas on where to go.

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                      Ardeo is good. Maybe try to get a table outside on the roof where it will be easier to hear each other.