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Jun 4, 2013 08:02 PM

"Portland Food"/Must-try.. ~2 days

I will be in the downtown area for ~2 days a Sunday and part of Monday--I would like to know what is the best of the best. I will probably walk everywhere or take public transportation, but please let me know where I should go for street food, novelties, maybe a lunch, maybe an ok (not TOO nice) dinner. A range. This will be after my conference, so I will probably be burned out and just want the real-deal good food (and not want to wear anymore formal clothing...).

(I am thinking of staying at the Benson or Paramont because there's a reduced rate for my conference.. but if you have opinions/suggestions, let me know.)

Thanks! I have heard great things.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I suggest you take some time to read the Portland section. You will see a wealth of quality reports that will give you what you ask for. Read them. Then ask questions on this thread. You'll get replies.

      1. Check the Kimpton's (vintage plaza and ?) in Portland. I think they are better than the Benson.
        Lots great info in the Portland thread - tons of must eat lists, Monday in Portland recommendations, etc.

        1. little bird is close to benson

          Bunk sandwich is close to benson. Their cubano is good. Their Muffaletta is terrible.

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            Bunk breaky sando with ham is the bomb (does anyone still say that?) Cafe Velo is carrying Lauretta Jean's biscuits which are brilliant. Also don't miss the apple fritters at Blue Star, the muffins and cannele at Courier (coffee too, or go for Maglia Rosa).

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              Thank you ronin223 and grayelf for being specific. I have read a lot of the other threads, but I was looking for specific, individual items (as opposed to saying: go read and then ask questions...) and both of you sent me ideas! Thank you

              1. re: GraceW

                My pleasure -- Portland is a fun city for food, whether you're a visitor like us or a local. I'm not sure how easy they are to get to by transit but we've also really enjoyed the chicken dish at Pdx671 food cart (snacks from Guam) and found the dishes at Guero ('nother food cart) to be excellent as well -- tacos, tortas and bolos (bowls), with special props to their vegetarian "huarache" patty.

                The newish outpost of Case Study on 10th is carrying Nuvrei baked goods -- love their monkey bread and anything pastryish with seasonal fruits but I'd pass on the savoury stuff. Also wasn't blown away by the coffee here though they did a very nice steamed milk.

                Grain and Gristle could work for your casual, real-deal meal, though again not sure re transit. Great burger (wish I'd got the onion rings though -- they looked marvelous, not rings but shreds of onion), fantastic braised pork, beautiful hamsteak special and really well executed veg accompaniments to the elevated comfort food mains. Solid, well-priced draft beer selection as well available in 8, 12 and pint pours.

                The Paramount struck us as loud what with the very early morning garbage trucks and general downtown sounds going on outside. Haven't stayed at the Benson.

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                  I am sorry--this is probably a "dumb" question, but do the foodcarts accept credit-cards?

                    1. re: GraceW

                      An increasing number of carts accept cards. Most don't.

            2. Take the 14 bus from downtown which runs down Hawthorne. There is a foodcart area at 12th and Hawthorne.

              There are a variety of places to eat all but you might want to check out EVOE for a late lunch or early dinner (it closes at 7pm) and might be in that nice but not too expensive pricepoint for your dinner. It is a casual dining space around the kitchen, which adjoins Pastaworks (gourmet market) which adjoins Powells Books cooking/garden store around 37th.