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Jun 4, 2013 07:56 PM

Appetizer ideas..... with dietary restrictions

I'm normally the person everyone goes to for appetizer ideas, however, I am now completely stumped. I need to make 2 appetizers for an outdoor concert this weekend, so they will need to be something that travels well. We'll be outdoors from about 3 - midnight and will be drinking plenty of wine under the stars! The problem is there are numerous dietary restrictions for some of the small group (3-4):

1) no tomatoes
2) no citrus
3) low sodium
4) not spicy
5) low fat
6) minimal dairy

The only one I've come up with so far is black bean, corn & avocado salsa (w/o tomatoes). I had thought of the proscuitto-wrapped asparagus until I saw the sodium content. I was planning on making a roasted corn & jalapeno hummus (reducing the jalapenos by 1/2), only to find out they don't like hummus.

Any other ideas greatly appreciated!

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  1. Deviled eggs / hard-boiled eggs

    Baked potato wedges with salsa and fat-free sour cream on the side.

    Dates stuffed with almonds

    1. Marinated mushrooms

      Rice & mild herbs stuffed mushroom caps

      Fruit kabobs (melons, strawberry, grapes) with optional yogurt dip

      Peanut-butter stuffed celery logs w/ raisins (harking back to childhood days...)

      1. I love this Pea Dip with Parmesan and my guests always love it too. You can cut down on the parmesan. And I usually leave out the mint. I serve with pita chips.

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          Hmmm..... and I just so happen to have fresh mint in my fridge! Thanks Valerie!

        2. Baked mini muffin sized veggie frittatas? Roasted veggie assortment with a reduced basalmic glaze as a dip, or maybe a lentil or white bean based dip? Edamame in pods with a sesame seed light salt mix or salt free herb mix, pitted dates with an almond shoved into the pit cavity.
          Tough crowd.

          1. Giada's Polenta squares with mushroom ragu...use olive oil instead of butter.