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Jun 4, 2013 07:22 PM

Blue Hill is booked. so where is the "getaway from nyc" anniversary dinner?

What is AMAZING an hour or so in any direction? Price not a big consideration. Hamptons? Anything north? South? Just has to be beautiful. THANK YOU ALL!

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  1. Being that both places you have mentioned are in NY and the constraints of your one hour radius, you may want to ask this on the NY boards and not the Southern New England board.

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    1. re: mels

      I thought about this as well, but Connecticut does apply here.

      1. re: mels

        As someone who regularly drives between NYC and CT, one hour will get you to the border of NY/CT, maybe Stamford if the traffic is good. Most of the better options I know in CT are more in the area of at least 2 hours. OP needs to expand the time willing to travel, or post on the NY (not NYC) board.

      2. Well, you could stay at The Delamar in Greenwich and eat Thomas Henkleman, I guess. Def not the same as Blue Hill, but very excellent food.

        1. You MUST go to SoLo Farm & Table in South Londonderry Vermont.

          It is run by 2 alums from Per Se and Degustation in NYC. Great food and wine in a country atmosphere.