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Jun 4, 2013 07:20 PM

Recommended Napa/Yountville wineries

I'll be in Napa on July 15th and 16th and am looking for recommended wineries for the 15th, as I've booked a tour for the 16th. I've already made a lunch reservation on the 15th at Mustard, which I know is in Napa, and dinner at Ad Hoc in Yountville. Would love suggestions not only on wineries, but thoughts on how to set up my itinerary for the day? do we only do wineries in Napa and head to Yountville for dinner at 8 or do we do both (Napa and Yountville) wineries and stay out straight through until dinner? Any help and recos is greatly appreciated!

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    1. Hi, you def don't want to only do Napa. Most of the nice wineries are in Yountville, Calistoga, St Helena, and Rutherford. Download the Winery Finder app to get free tastings. It'll save you a lot of money. Some of my favorites are Duckhorn and Frogs Leap ( both have beautiful grounds). Also love Cakebread and Chimney Rock. Mustards is okay, but an amazing casual place is The Farmstead restaurant in St Helena. Check the reviews on Yelp. Good Luck!

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          Farmstead is great. I love the trout with the crispy skin. I highly recommend Farmstead.I wasn't impress with Ad Hoc. I really enjoyed the wine from Charles Krug on Main st. It just down the street from Farmstead.

        2. " I've already made a lunch reservation on the 15th at Mustard, which I know is in Napa, and dinner at Ad Hoc in Yountville."
          Mustards is 2 miles north of Yountville on the main highway while the City of Napa is 11 miles south of the restaurant.

          "Hi, you def don't want to only do Napa"
          I'm sure LW is referring to the City but the Napa Valley includes all the towns mentioned. Check out the Silverado trail wineries for the road less travelled.

          1. This is in no way to sound condescending, but I would recommend you look at a map. For example not necessarily the best one but here:


            Napa the wine region is only about 30 miles? or so from top to bottom. Napa the city is near the bottom, with Calistoga near the top. The roads are wide and easily driven and so there is no point parsing out the wineries the way you describe (unless you are riding bikes).

            The exception is If you decide to go up a mountain (e.g. Spring Mountain, Howell Mountain etc.) you need to give yourself an additional 30 minutes as the roads are very windy and it takes awhile to get up there.

            Wine tasting is exhausting. Limit yourself your first day to 3 wineries (if you are sharing there's a bit more lee way). I would highly recommend doing at least one appointment a day to ensure that you get a nice, seated spot and can relax - instead of standing at the tasting counter.

            1. My go-to winery is always V. Sattui (in St. Helena). I love their place, and they have a picnic area where you can just hang out and eat. I loved it so much there I ended up joining their wine club!

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                V. Sattui is basically set up as a tourist destination. It gets very crowded on the weekends, sells food and picnic baskets, knickknacks and hats, has picnic areas (and they serve wine if you care). They are on the main highway.

                Compared to say, Disneyland, it's not commercialized. But I wouldn't go there if you are looking for a lazy, quiet hour among the vines nor if you want to taste the great wines Napa has to offer.

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                  Have to heartily disagree with a V. Sattui recommendation... It is considered the "Disneyland" of the Napa Valley with mediocre wines, tremendous crowds, and an amusement park-like atmosphere. It gets very little respect by the locals and most vinophiles.

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                    this is great to hear about v.sattui. appreciate the honest feedback and info.

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                    Sattui is to be avoided at all costs. As is its sister property, Castello di Amorosa.