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Jun 4, 2013 07:19 PM

corn tortillas

Where does one find corn tortillas in east end of Toronto? I want to make gluten free enchiladas.

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  1. Check either Highland Farms or No Frills. I think the NF at Vic Pk and Eg has them.
    Read the label though, there may be flour in them to make them more pliable.

    Conversely, buying a bag of Ma Se Ca masa and making your own will work well. If you don't have a press, use a rolling pin.


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    1. re: Davwud

      Davwud, you're right about the NoFrills at Victoria Park and Eglinton. They usually carry a couple of brands of corn tortlllas. Currently at home I have El Popocatepetl brand. The 'family pack' of 30 or so tortillas is about $1.50. There is no wheat flour listed in the ingredients. I used them last night for our taco dinner--fish tacos, shrimp tacos, and tacos al pastor.

      1. re: Davwud

        Looks like No Frills has stopped carrying them and I've never seen them at the Highland Farms on Ellesmere. Has anyone seen corn tortillas at any stores in east Toronto or Scarborough?

        1. re: Gregmacdnld

          That's weird, I saw them there Sunday. They were in the refrigerator "fancy cheese" area.

          1. re: LexiFirefly

            Are you talking about NoFrills, LexiFirefly? I haven't seen them there for over a month. Do you mean the coolers along the produce/baked goods aisle? That's where they always kept them.

            1. re: Yongeman

              Yes, they were near the front. I only remember because I went to grab them but remembered my press was supposed to arrive in the next day or two.

              1. re: LexiFirefly

                Oh nice. Have you used the press? Is it as easy as buying a pack of 50 tortillas for $1.59 or so? Just kidding. I bet the homemade ones are delicious.

                1. re: Yongeman

                  I've used it twice! Still working on getting my dough right as they are a little thick. But actually it is just as easy! Total time start to finish was 15 minutes for 16 tortillas. I'm sure I'll just get faster too! Considering how long it takes in the east end to buy them I consider it a success. Also no frills always has masa, and fir cheaper than in Kensington!

                  1. re: LexiFirefly

                    Where did you purchase your tortilla press, LF? It sounds like a great investment.

                    1. re: Yongeman

                      I ordered it from Golda's bit you can buy them in Kensington too. I love it! I also got the warmer which keeps them mice and fresh for a bit longer so o can cook them first.

                2. re: LexiFirefly

                  hmmm - it looks like they could have been delisted. I was there today and I scoured that section by the pizza dough / misc. refrigerated stuff at NF and I didn't even see labels. :(

                  1. re: Apple

                    That's a shame Apple. I regularly shop at that NF and it was handy to be able to pick up the tortillas there for me.

                    1. re: Yongeman

                      They have reappeared at No Frills....they had disappeared for a while...though this was at the Dufferin mall No Frills....I'm sure they are back at the other stores too...

                      1. re: warlock

                        My No Frills (Runnymede and Bloor) said that they will return in May, in new packaging. I'll believe it when it happens..

                        Meanwhile, Kensington or Bloor/Christie will do, or La Tortellaria.

                        1. re: Dean Tudor

                          Oh ok....the packaging was the same at the dufferin mall NF...I didn't buy it or else I would have put up a pic....

                          1. re: Yongeman

                            May is this week! I am going to check out NF on the weekend. I'll report back if they make an appearance.

                            1. re: Apple

                              I'm usually at the Vic Park/Eg NF a couple of times a week so I'll look too.

                              1. re: Yongeman

                                I was in the VP/Eg NF today and couldn't see the tortillas in the usual spot at the beginning of the cold cuts/cheese coolers. I was in a hurry, so didn't have time to ask. Maybe by the weekend...

                                1. re: Yongeman

                                  Boo!!!! We needed a huge amount over the weekend and made the trip to Kensington. We needed 200, I wasn't going to make that many!!!

                                  1. re: Yongeman

                                    At the Dufferin Mall NF...they were at the same spot where it used be previously...which in this case is also the beginning of the cold cuts etc cooler...and normally I just go over to the LaTortilleria just opposite the mall for tortillas...

              2. In Leslieville you can get them at the butcher shop Meating on Queen (1160 Queen street east)

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                1. re: midtowngirl

                  Hooked has them too, as does Rowe Farms across the street.

                  1. re: TorontoTuna

                    I use the ones that Rowe Farms carry. Much more expensive than the $1.50 (?!!) for 30, but tasty. I have tried both the yellow and white corn tortillas. Sorry I forgot the name of the brand, but they come in a vacuum sealed blue package for the yellow corn tortillas. A pack of 10 is about $6.

                    1. re: scarberian

                      There's a zillion corn tortillas in Kensington. Different brands. Different types of corn as well.

                2. The original comment has been removed
                  1. I really recommend the yellow corn tortillas from Alba Lisa and available at Rowe Farms at Queen east in Leslieville.
                    They are by far the best tasting and best behaving.
                    Heat up your cast iron skillet very hot, have your tortillas out of the fridge for an hour beforehand, drape them around the side and the bottom of the cast iron skillet, they'll develop lovely scorch marks, and will get slightly crispy, which means they are cooked and also a sturdier vehicle for your charcoal seared steak and raw chilies.... Mexico City food truck style. Yum!

                    1. FYI, just found el popo's for 1.99 at bloor st market @ bay and bloor.