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Jun 4, 2013 07:07 PM

must-try local restaurants? Bar/Brewery tour?

I'm traveling to Seattle in mid-July and my boyfriend would like to create our own bar/brewery tour for one afternoon. Any recommendations of must-visit bars?

In the midst of putting together our restaurant list as well, and there have been so many great recos on this board it's hard to narrow it down to only 3 days. I'm envisioning our itinerary as follows, any restaurant recos? edits to the below welcome too!
--Day 1: Seafood (we love oysters!) /v. affordable lunch, bar tour?, great, off-the-beaten path restaurant for dinner
--Day 2: great breakfast spot; late lunch/early dinner before Paul McCartney Concert (should we go to Walrus & the Carpenter this day)
--Day 3: Oysters again; early dinner before heading to the airport at a must-visit restaurant

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  1. Where are you coming from? One of the great things about Seattle is that a lot of local restaurants have great local beers on tap, but I fully understand the desire to go to Breweries (I've been to.... most of them. It's a compulsion). There are quite a few concentrated in Ballard, or you can make a pretty good tour of the southend. What kind of beers are you partial to?

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    1. re: Brunhilde

      what do you mean where are we coming from? Is new york city the right answer :)? my boyfriend and i love trying local beers and on tap is perfect! i'm more of a lighter (in color/flavor) beer drinker, he'll drink anything.

      1. re: Jpaige5

        to clarify, i like wheat beers, he'll drink anything and prefers non-wheat

    2. This thread takes a look at a lot of the Ballard breweries, and you can't go wrong with it.

      But I'm going to make a push for the Sodo beer tour.
      Georgetown, Two Beers, Schooner Exact, Epic, Seapine, Emerald City (and to a lesser extent Pyramid). I find these guys to be a little more unique and interesting.

      It's less walkable though (and further out of the way from other things you might want to do), so that might make it a bit more difficult.

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      1. re: GreenYoshi

        thanks for these recos, these are great!

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          I would just point out that with some of the smaller breweries they have limited hours and sometimes tasting rooms can be closed if they are off at an event. Check the website and FB pages before you plan your tour. In Ballard and Fremont there are a few places doing really great beer and it is a small area making doing the rounds relatively easy.

          Another idea would be a combination of brewery tasting rooms and good indie beer bars. For example in Fremont there is Fremont Brewing and small Outlander but also one of the best bars in town -- Brouwer's -- and the excellent Six Gill (opened by the owners of the Noble Fir in Ballard). Brouwers is a major player and influence in the beer scene here. They have in the neighborhood of 70 quality tap selections and 300-ish bottle selections. They also do great festivals throughout the year and several Seattle Beer Week events -- Big Wood, Hopfest, Hard Liver Fest, Back in Black Stout Fest & Sour Fest.

          In Ballard there are currently 8 breweries (listed in the link above). The opening of Bad Jimmy's is imminent but I don't think Stoup will be open by mid-July. There are also some really good beer bars. Urban Family Brewery and Public House combines some house made beers and an excellent list of other beers -- mostly Belgian and Belgian styled. Across Ballard Avenue is the excellent Noble Fir. The Ballard also has The Dray, which is one of the area's premier soccer bars and although they don't have a huge tap list the list is well chosen and the guys who work there are aficionados. They also have an excellent bottle list.

          Also in the Greenwood Area you don't want to miss a stop off at Chuck's Hop Shop -- a converted deli with 38 excellent taps, over 1000 to-go bottle selections (or for drinking there with fair "corkage") and a great local crowd. They also have different food trucks selling food there every day. It doesn't look like much from the outside but it is a great place for beer. In Greenwood proper the big player is Naked City which brews but also has a great guest tap list. They currently have 24 beers and 4 ciders (almost exclusively Washington and Oregon at the moment). There is also The Yard by the same folks who runs The Dray (get it?). Unfortunately Baron Brewing closed and the Pillager's Pub is also closed.

      2. What are your dates? I ask because in mid-July there are all kinds of special events going on around town. Those might influence your plans. Oh ... you must be here July 19th if you are seeing the P.McCartney show. So you are arriving on Thursday 7/18 and departing late on Saturday 7/20. I think that weekend will be slightly less crowded. The weekend before is the Ballard Seafood Fest, the West Seattle Summer Fest and the Dragon Fest in the International District. The weekend of the 27th is Capitol Hill Block Party and Torchlight Parade. Bite of Seattle will be going on at Seattle Center.

        So actually Thursday might be the best day to get out to Ballard for Walrus and the Carpenter. They have happy hour Sun-Thu with half price oysters from 4-5p and 25% off oysters from 5-6pm. You could hit Noble Fir and Urban Family Public House for sure. Reubens is open 3-8 on Thursdays. Hilliard's is open 3-11pm. Peddler is open 5-9 on Thursdays. Populuxe is open 4:30-9pm. Maritime Pacific is open 11a-11p. Hales is open 11a-10p.

        You could also do early happy hour (4pm) at Walrus and hit a few places in Ballard then move on to Fremont. I really love modern Asian streetfood Revel and during the summer they have the back deck open and the grill shack is open. Six Gill is close. Fremont Brewing is over off Stone Way -- maybe a half mile beyond Revel. However Renee Erickson's The Whale Wins and Joule are right there. Maria Hines's Agrodolce is also in Fremont.

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        1. re: klsalas

          such helpful information and recommendations! what would be your recommendation for food on Friday then? go close to Safeco or near our hotel/pike place market maybe?

          trying to make an itinerary that fits in the above mentioned meals and below activities, plus the bar/brewery tour which you just helped out so much on!

          --Pike Place

          --Ferry ride to Bainbridge

          --Space Needle

          --Kerry Park

          --Seattle Underground Tour (is this in Pioneer Square?)

          1. re: klsalas

            What a great post! We'll be up there for two week starting next week and you've given me lots of great ideas. We've been meaning to hit Revel for lunch and I see you mention it. It doesn't seem to be getting a lot of mention lately. But I still love there menu. Thanks.

          2. Try Chuck's on for size:

            Taplist 10:00am 6/26/13

            1) Abita- Andygator Maibock
            2) Dogfish Head - Ta Henket Ancient Ale
            3) Avery - Karma Belgian Pale
            4) Ballast Point - Calico Copper Amber
            5) Odin - Freya's Gold Kolsch
            6) Schooner Exact - Raspberry Wheat
            7) Bison - Organic Honey Basil
            8 ) Brouwerij Van Honsebrouck - Bacchus Oud Bruin
            9) Port - 7th Anniversary Imperial IPA
            *10) Bison Organic Chocolate Stout
            11) Well's - Banana Bread Beer
            12) Oskar Blues - Ten Fidy Imperial Stout
            -13) Stone - RuinTen Imperial IPA
            14) Boulevard- Saison Brett
            15) Dogfish Head - Chateau Jiahu Ancient Ale
            16) Anderson Valley - Horn of the Beer Barleywine
            17) Snipes- India Pale Ale
            18) 10 Barrel - Swill Grapefruit Radar
            *19) Laurelwood Work Horse
            20) Lost Coast - Tangerine Wheat
            21) Twelve Bars - Imperial India Red Ale
            22) Airways - Sky Hag IPA
            -23) NITRO: Left Hand - Milk Stout
            24) Ayinger - Celebrator Dopplebock
            25) Elysian - Space Dust IPA
            26) Ballast Point - Longfin Lager
            27) Flyers - Mile High Summer Rye
            28) Wyder's - Berry Burst Cider
            29) Anthem - Apple Cider
            30) Julian - Apple Cider
            31) Snipes Mountain - Apple Tart Saison
            32) 21st Amendment - Hop Crisis Oaked IIPA
            33) Lazy Boy - Porter
            34) Lazy Boy - India Pale Ale
            35) Boulevard - 80 Acre Hoppy Wheat
            36) Old Schoolhouse - Nightmare Imperial CDA
            37) Ballast Point - Big Eye IPA
            38) Sierra Nevada - Ovila Abbey Saison

            * denotes change from last update
            - denotes no growler fills
            Food Truck Schedule

            Mon 6/24 5-9pm NOW MAKE ME A SANDWICH
            Tue 6/25 5-9 CURB JUMPER
            Wed 6/26 5-9 STREETZERIA
            Thu 6/27 5-9 CARAVAN CREPES
            Fri 6/28 11am-2 EVOLUTION REVOLUTION
            Fri 6/28 3-9pm WHERE YA AT MATT
            Sat 6/29 10:30am-4 ZA'ATAR
            Sat 6/29 5-9 THE FISH BASKET
            Sun 6/30 10-4 SEATTLE BISCUIT CO
            Sun 6/30 5-9 JEMIL's BIG EASY

            1. Just got back from Seattle. Had a nice breakfast at The Lucky Diner in Belltown. One of your choices of side is a bowl of Lucky Charms! Fun stuff with lots of options.

              (just realized the original poster has already been to Seattle by this time but I'll still leave the recommendation up!)