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Apr 7, 2003 02:35 PM

Restaurants in Galveston

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Can anyone provide me with a list of good restaurants in Galveston? Responses that mention the Kemah Boardwalk or Joe's Crab Shack will be ignored.

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  1. Don't know if you have any "contacts" in Galveston, but most people in the know believe that the "best restaurant in Galveston" is the Pelican Club.

    Which is private.

    Because they want to keep out those pesky tourists.

    1. Seafood: Gaido's or Saltwater Grill if you want to be a bit upscale; Fish Tales or a little place on a side street that I think is called Shrimp n' Stuff (correct me if I'm wrong, somebody), for more casual dining.
      Very casual post-beach food: Cafe Michael Burger (we like the fried mushrooms)

      For Mexican, my husband likes the Original Mexican Cafe a lot; I think it's just OK.

      For Italian, we liked Luigi's the one time we went, but that was several years ago.

      1. DiBella's for Italian, hands down; but bring cash--no credit cards accepted. There is a shrimp and pepperoncini dish that makes my taste buds tingle just thinking about it. IMHO Benno's has some of the best seafood on the island (stone crab claws are worth the trip when in season, and blue crabs are always a winner), but I am partial to Shrimp-n-Stuff for an oyster and shrimp po-boy lubricated with Negra Modelo on their most excellent palm shaded deck on a Sunday afternoon. I am NOT a Gaido's fan, but have dined at the Pelican Club. Be aware that none of the above except Benno's are easy to find and you will definitely need good directions but these are some of the gems to be found in Galveston if you sift through the silt.

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          Agree with Benno's. On the seawall, order at the counter, sit in the restaurant or on the deck.

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            I'll second DiBella's. It's a real Galvestonian favorite (and well-kept secret) and the seating, Catholic high school pics on the walls, large families and overall atmosphere make New Jersey/New York Italian restaurant lovers feel they're back home.

          2. My parents turned us on to Shearn's Restaurant, on the top of the Moody Gardens Hotel. It's the ideal special occasion restaurant to us...great food, nice wine selection, incredible service, along with one of the best views on the island. A real treat.


            1. no frills, clean place with friendly staff and great fried seafood! see link for menu/site