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Jun 4, 2013 05:33 PM

Great food/dining T-shirts

My husband collect fun/funky T-shirts. Whenever we go on a trip he loves to get Tee from places we have been. But he also loves it when friends bring him back great ones too. He has a big birthday this year and so I am looking for some fun ones. Does your home town have place with a great tee? Have you been anywhere that had a cool one? I think he would get a kick knowing I got tips from my "hound friends".

Here are a few that he owns

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  1. When we used to charter cats in the BVI's...and my son worked there every summer in college teaching sailing, there was place just up from the school called FAT HOG BOB's. Their T-shirt read on the front............"Sail Fast" On the back............"COOK SLOW Eat at Fat Hog's Bob". The gals that worked there were Philly Eagles fans, so I got some sent down to them. When my wife and I, my son and g/f, and daughter and b/f chatered a cat at Christmas, I got Fat Hog Bob's T-shirts for the crew.

    PS..Great Food!

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      Just what I am talking about! I can't find a website but I am sure I can call.


      1. re: foodieX2

        might have been Fat HAWG Bob''ll dig the now tattered T-shirt out

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          Nope.Fat Hog.they may be gone was few years back

      1. He already has the one from my current town:).

        I have always enjoyed my bright yellow tshirt from HotDog Johnny's in Buttzville NJ.

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          and their hot dogs are good too! :)

        2. The one time I went to Dixie Crossroads in Titusville, Florida, I wanted the hell out of one of their t-shirts but they only had the polyester ones in stock. Good logo, though. I'd order one.

          1. foodiex, if you ever decide to collect food themed earrings, I have a terrific designer.

            I'm wearing sushi studs right now-great detail for a mini earring.

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