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Ok, I hate to be that guy, but is there anyone in Seattle doing anything like this?


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  1. i dont know if anyone is doing the cronut,

    not the same, but there are some amazing kouign amann at Crumble & Flake and just recently had one at Bakery Nouveau

    1. Not local, but here's a list of worldwide Cronut knock-offs: http://eater.com/archives/2013/06/12/...

      1. I have to imagine it is only a matter of time given the press the cronut is receiving right now. If Besalu would sell its puff pastry dough, I'd wait in line.

        1. I ate a cronut 2 days ago and trust me. Just go to NYC for the real thing. They are totally worth it. It takes 3 days for Dominique to make a single cronut and you can honestly see why when you taste one.

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            I'm as obsessive a chowhound as most anyone around, and given to foodie excesses that make regular civilians shake their heads in wonder...but go to New York for a freakin' pastry? Umm...no. I think not.

            I'm still recovering from the severe disappointment I felt after listening to all the hype and waiting in the ridiculous line at Crumble & Flake. After that, I'm not sure I would even go to Capitol Hill for a cronut.

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              I like how you drop "Just go to NYC" as if it were a practical alternative. Want to try a Cronut, but you live in Seattle? You could buy a knockoff for $3, but why do that when you can get a genuine Cronut for only $900 ($827 is the low price on Hipmunk for a RT flight to NYC +$10 for 2 Cronuts + 63 for incidental costs like a cab to Ansel's bakery, etc.) so yeah, totally worth it.

            2. Legendary Donuts (Bonney Lake and Tacoma) has just introduced a version they call the "Doughsant." I haven't tried it yet but I am huge fan of their specialty donuts so I have high hopes.

              1. Quinn's is planning to offer bacon-sriracha cronuts this weekend for all the drunk hipsters at Capitol Hill Block Party.

                1. Please keep this thread alive with any updates--my travel is limited this summer (which is fine, it's a great summer in Seattle this year!) and so I don't see myself getting anywhere to find even a cronut knock-off...but this sounds amazing!!!!

                  1. I found one!
                    The Surfing Pig (I think that's what it was called...) vendor at the Bellevue Arts Fair is doing them for $4 a piece (located in the parking lot of Mars Hill Church) .

                    I'm sure Dominique Ansel's are more delicious, but this was pretty good.

                    (I was expecting a little sweeter dough, but they went with a true croissant dough with sugar and caramel sauce on top)

                    There's also a stand on the other side of the Art Fair (by CostPlus) doing Luther Burgers if you're into other hyped foods of a ridiculous nature.

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                    1. re: GreenYoshi

                      Is that baked or fried? Was it crazy rich or not any worse than a regular doughnut?

                      1. re: babette feasts

                        Seems like it's fried:

                        I live halfway round the world from New York but, these days, only takes a few months before a new food trend reaches us here.

                        Invented in New York: May 2013
                        Landed in Singapore: June 2013

                        1. re: babette feasts

                          Oh, sorry. Yeah, it's fried. Not crazy rich or oily. Definitely a fun treat (but fair to say I wouldn't drive hundreds of miles or wait hours for it)

                          I'm not sure how other Cronuts are done, but for this one in particular, I felt that it could have been a little sweeter (and I'm not a sweet tooth at all).

                      2. Allegedly Ba Bar now has them (croughnut), but they only make them one day per week. So come on up to Capitol Hill, but call first.