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Jun 4, 2013 05:07 PM


Ok, I hate to be that guy, but is there anyone in Seattle doing anything like this?

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  1. i dont know if anyone is doing the cronut,

    not the same, but there are some amazing kouign amann at Crumble & Flake and just recently had one at Bakery Nouveau

    1. Not local, but here's a list of worldwide Cronut knock-offs:

      1. I have to imagine it is only a matter of time given the press the cronut is receiving right now. If Besalu would sell its puff pastry dough, I'd wait in line.

        1. I ate a cronut 2 days ago and trust me. Just go to NYC for the real thing. They are totally worth it. It takes 3 days for Dominique to make a single cronut and you can honestly see why when you taste one.

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          1. re: HungryNihilist

            I'm as obsessive a chowhound as most anyone around, and given to foodie excesses that make regular civilians shake their heads in wonder...but go to New York for a freakin' pastry? I think not.

            I'm still recovering from the severe disappointment I felt after listening to all the hype and waiting in the ridiculous line at Crumble & Flake. After that, I'm not sure I would even go to Capitol Hill for a cronut.

            1. re: HungryNihilist

              I like how you drop "Just go to NYC" as if it were a practical alternative. Want to try a Cronut, but you live in Seattle? You could buy a knockoff for $3, but why do that when you can get a genuine Cronut for only $900 ($827 is the low price on Hipmunk for a RT flight to NYC +$10 for 2 Cronuts + 63 for incidental costs like a cab to Ansel's bakery, etc.) so yeah, totally worth it.

            2. Legendary Donuts (Bonney Lake and Tacoma) has just introduced a version they call the "Doughsant." I haven't tried it yet but I am huge fan of their specialty donuts so I have high hopes.