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Jun 4, 2013 05:05 PM

Restaurants in Lincoln Center area

I am looking for a restaurant near Lincoln Center for a post-graduation (around 2-3 p.m.) lunch. I would like something gracious and interesting (not a seafood place) that is nearby and reasonably priced. Any suggestions?

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      1. re: Charles Yu

        I too will recommend Lincoln, with the caveat that it is not really "moderately priced" as the OP requested. Otherwise, a perfect choice.

      2. re: Riverman500

        Lincoln's lunch service ends at 2 pm so that won't work. The Smith is open all afternoon.

      3. People's definition of reasonable varies greatly but you could look at:

        A Voce (Columbus)
        Jean-George (or the less costly Nougatine)

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        1. re: Spiritchaser

          Landmarc is really tasty and has a lot of small plates. Casual. and moderately priced (certainly by new York standards).

        2. +1 to The Smith and Lincoln
          At Time Waner there are some options..

          Telepan (69th or 68th)
          Cafe Luxemburg, (70th)
          Loi (70th)
          'cesca (74th St)

          1. Friends of mine (with high standards for food) really enjoyed Gabriels last year after the NYU Med School graduation. Elegant with good waiter service--nice after a graduation.

            This year, after the Columbia B-school graduation, they went to Telepan for brunch. They're still raving about how good it was.

            1. I really do think you need to define "reasonably priced." I would consider many of the restaurants mentioned above to be on the expensive side. But then, most restaurants in that neighborhood that are "gracious and interesting" are.

              Oh. And my one meal at Loi, soon after it opened, was borderline dismal and I have not returned. Has it improved considerably?