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Jun 4, 2013 04:52 PM

11lb block of dark chocolate?? HELP!

Hi! My husband and I received an usual wedding gift: a solid bar of dark chocolate weighing 11lbs. It is intense. We tried breaking some off with a knife but it is messy. Think of a slab of ice; shavings flying everywhere. I get the impression from what I could find on the internet that the block is for professionals who would need several pounds of chocolate at once. Do you have any advice? We have invited friends over to try and eat it, but Id rather be able to use it or break down without losing half of it. Vegan recipes appreciated as well!

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  1. Keep in wrapper. Wrap in butcher paper. Or a towel. Then SMASH IT WITH A HAMMER!!!

    1. http://forums.egullet.org/topic/64558...

      I loved the against the pavement tip (block wrapped ahead of time of course) but it will make the job easier if you have a harder surface to hit against.

      1. You have a few of options.

        1) wrap it up and use a pick/screw driver and a hammer, like you would do for a large wheel of cheese. This will help you get more uniform pieces that can then be frozen, melted or broken down further.

        2) wrap it up and go at it with a heavy rolling pin.This wil give you random size chunks

        3) wrap it and slam it against a counter or other heavy object to break it in half

        4) shave it down. This will take a long time but would be a fun way to eat it with your friends. You can also shave down a bunch and melt it for chocolate fondue. Add fruit, chunks of brioche or croissants for dipping.

        1. Rent a REALLY big chocolate fountain??

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          1. Got an old knife/......use it as a chisel (mine, I use like you would be slicing and a mallet to break off hunks...BIG hunks!) Freeze most of it!

            From there, figure out what you wanna do......have fun!