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QUI opening june20th!

Been waiting on this one for awhile!

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    1. Looking forward to eating there on June 20th, 2014

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        yep that is about right.. they are not taking reservations... so as I type this I am waiting in line...

      2. No kidding. Hubs and I have been debating how early one will have to go to get a table on night 1. 3:00? 3:30? Just take reservations already!! But yeah, I'm pretty excited.

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          I think it is already open via a soft open which the public can go to. Call them to double check.

        2. Anyone been yet? How is it? I can't believe they don't take ressies!!

          1. They are soft open to anyone tonight and tomorrow for dinner.

            1. My pal and I stumbled across the soft opening - alerted by the bartender at the Brixton. I love Uchi, I liked Uchiko, and I thought Qui was delicious. Here is what we had:

              Pickled egg banchan - describing this is hard - it was like an onsen egg, hard cooked white, yolk still slightly soft. Then pickled lightly. Loved it.

              Salad banchan - just the freshest farm greens and herbs served as finger food. Dip into a fish-sauce vinaigrette type of thing. Loved it.

              Not fried tomatoes - juicy green tomatoes (sliced, then quartered) raw, on a sauce...can't remember, but it was like a garlic sour cream (?) sauce, then topped with crispy fried bread crumbs. Great re-imagining of fried green tomatoes. Light, fresh, but the crispy topping made it an app, not a salad.

              Ode to Michel Bras - beautiful to look at, lovely to taste. A bunch of fresh little blanched veggies and flowers arranged in a shallow bowl, with two little cups of charred onion - one filled with strawberry vinegar. A thick pureed soup of garlic and dashi is poured tableside. This was delicious - I could take a bath in that soup which perked up when the vinegar was swirled into it. Great texture and flavor contrast.

              Salmon Butter - in a word, YUM. A piece of salmon poached in grapeseed oil, served with crisp flatbread, and a host of toppings...smoked salmon roe (MAN), sieved egg, pickled onions, fresh herbs, creme fraiche...it was great, and you could change it up each bite. The salmon did indeed spread like buttah. My pal called this the picnic of her dreams.

              Catfish Like Unagi - this was fresh catfish, treated like unagi. Served with a piece of Japanese sweet potato. SO successful in terms of making fresh, flaky catfish taste like the best unagi you can imagine...but I think this one may be a work in progress. It was missing an acid component (like the unagi sits on vinagered sushi rice), but I saw pictures of some that had lemon and lime wedges. Have to think there is something more creative than lemon and lime wedges that will round out this yummy fish dish.

              Saw the $150 cote du boeuf go by and it looked phenomenal. With a three glasses of wine and a cocktail it was $120 and we were sated.

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                  restrictions of the dining companion - will use my $20 off gift card to try it next time!

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                  thanks for posting the descriptions. the website has no menu or anything yet other than the "coming soon".

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                    happy to, dinaofdoom...although I think the internets will BOOM with descriptions soon!

                3. For anyone who has been since Thursday: What time did you get in line to get a 5PM table?

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                    Answering my own question for anyone's future benefit....You could walk in and get a table mid-week until just before six, any later and you'll be waiting at the (limited seating-no food) bar or patio (a bit hot these days-but they do have bar service). The pace of courses doesn't lend itself to rapid diner turnover.

                  2. finally made it today since they recently started taking reservations. We had the tasting menu and ended up batting .500.

                    The ode to michael bras was really forgettable. I'm not a huge vegetable fan to begin with, but I was expecting a lot more from the turnip dashi.

                    the amberjack ceviche was fantastic. Loved the combo of spicy and sour. I would go back just for this.

                    next I believe was the adobo. to me it tasted like carne guisada. kinda mushy and didn't taste like much of anything.

                    halo halo was desert. this was really nice (and I think it was the largest of the courses). If it weren't for this we would have stopped off at 5 guys on the way home.

                    this was a bit below expectations, especially considering how much I love the food at uchi/ko. at this price point I did expect better

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                      We went and were very impressed both with prices and flavors. We just had the waiter bring us stuff being unfamilar with the menu. My favorite was the pasta bowl.