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Jun 4, 2013 02:46 PM

solo male dinner suggestions

My wife wants to go see Celine and I am not a fan. I am thinking of taking that money to have a great meal (can spend more or less 200$). Where are the best places for a 40something male to eat? We will probably have a steak meal together so a steakhouse is out of question.

thank you

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  1. Just about any place you can sit a the bar an be served dinner.

    1. I would give serious thought to Sage and Scarpetta at the Cosmo, Twist at the Mandarin Oriental (which might be a little more than this), Atelier Joel Rubochon at the MGM, and Buchon at the Venetian. If you like very good sushi, served in an interesting manner, I'd consider Kabuto off the strip in Chinatown. Also good for high end Japanese is Raku (in the same strip mall in Chinatown as Kabuto).

      1. B&B between the Venetian and the Palazzo has a nice bar and is within walking distance of Caesars. The food is excellent, particularly the appetizers and pastas. I'm female, but have eaten at the bar a number of times and it is a very comfortable place to have conversations with the bartenders or other diners. I had dinner there on Thursday and had a great conversation with the bartender about other restaurants in the area. (I'd call him a 'hound, because the first places he recommended were Raku and Kabuto off the strip and then he began telling me about which appetizers to order at Sage, but he didn't know this site.) You also could do a pasta tasting menu at the bar.

        L'Atelier at MGM also is a good choice, since you want to sit at the bar where you are served course-by-course and can watch the preparations. However, to really get the experience at :'Atelier, you should do a tasting menu. If you are supposed to be meeting your wife right after the concert, that might pose a problem. Figure a concert at the Coliseum will be about 90 minutes and a 7- or 9-course meal at L'Atelier probably would take longer.

        As for Sage, I would not recommend it for solo dining. I ate there on Saturday and, while I thought some of the food was outstanding, I'm not sure it lived up to the hype. But beyond that, we were seated in the bar area and I don't think it would be very pleasant for a solo dinner. The music was pretty loud and it didn't seem like a place to relax and enjoy a meal on your own.

        1. If you have access to a concierge, have them check to see if they can get you a seat at e at the Cosmopolitan. They sometimes have last minute single seats, and it's quite a show. If you have time try to get a seat via their email
          BTW Sage is at the Aria, not the Cosmo, i think. You'll go over $200 if you have a wine pairing.

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            Sage is definitely at Aria per the Aria website.

          2. Hands down, Abriya Raku (as lvnvflyer suggested), about a mile cab ride off the strip. Can't think of any other reason to visit Las Vegas (sorry, but it's true), but Raku is enough of a reason to bring me back. Go solo and sit at the counter (but you need a reservation).