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Jun 4, 2013 02:19 PM

Sunday evening, early dinner, Vieux montreal. Any suggestions?

Coming in for the Jazz Festival and have a 7 p.m. curtain at Club Soda. Would like to find a comfortable 5:00-5:30 meal with great friends.

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  1. DaEmma is great Italian food. The Roast Suckling Pig is one of the best I've eaten.Housed in a 200 y/o building it is very "Old Montreal" With an easy Taxi ride up McGill St to the site.

    1. 5pm is a tough hour - most places dont open until 5:30 or 6. Closest to Club Soda would be Bouillon Bilk (not in old Montreal). If you expect that 1.5 hours would be sufficient to eat and travel you might also consider 400 Coups, but I really think you'd be cutting far too close. I can't imagine most meals taking less than 1.5 hours even if you skipped straight to the main course.
      Also plan to book ASAP - that's a busy time of year.

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        Oops. Did not see that this was on a Sunday. 400 Coups will not be open.

      2. Have a look at the "Brasserie T" I think it is open on sunday evening, it is not too far.

        I don't know if the usual places around the area will be open on sundays during the festival seasons, Café Du Nouveau Monde, Balmoral, Seingalt (inside at the Place des Arts).

        Again, 5pm is quite early.

        1. the keg will oblige your time constraint

          1. Another possibility would be having a snack first, then dining after the show. Otherwise, you're right at Chinatown, where you won't have a problem dining prior to the show. Any of the nicer places in Old Montreal will be way too rushed, and many places are closed Sundays. Brasserie T would work, though - it's at Place des Arts, which is close by, especially if you let them know you have a 7 pm show to get to, which they are used to accommodating.