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Jun 4, 2013 12:55 PM

In town this weekend for Blogher

So there will be plenty of eats including food truck excursions, Franklin and Stubbs. But I'll have time on Sunday. I'm thinking Olivia, Umami Mia at Barton Springs, Curras Grill?

Anything else--within walking distance of the conventions center?


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  1. Unless you're going for concert (which is a great and storied venue), I'd skip Stubb's. The food is pretty underwhelming. Lambert's and Iron Works are probably both better if you want to stay close(ish) to the convention center and hit BBQ, with LA BBQ, John Mueller Meat Co, Live Oak and Stiles Switch being better still if you want to venture a little farther.
    I like Olivia a bunch, though when I find myself in that area, I've used it as a backup to the longer waits at Barley Swine, which is more-or-less across the street.

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    1. re: willtryanythingonce

      Barley Swine is closed on Sunday which is when the OP has time.

    2. umami mia is pretty much brand new. If you go, we expect a full trip report :)
      If you want to stay in the Barton Springs area, Shady grove has good burgers, CFS, etc. And you can sit outside under the shady trees.

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      1. re: TroyTempest

        Thanks for the tips, I'l add them all to the list--but, what is/are CFS?

        1. re: jayjaymom

          CFS = Chicken Fried Steak [staple food]

      2. Olivia is solid, I love the cochinita pibil and pork tamales at Curras, Umami Mia gets mixed reviews based on the Eater Austin site reports. Stubbs usually gets blasted here, but I find their serrano spinach and smoked chicken to be consistently very good (unlike the often boring brisket). Easy Tiger on 6th is very close, and I just had (see post) a pretty damn good house made bologna and egg sammie on home made bread. fun stuff. table tennis out back if you like as well. hip place.

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        1. re: slowcoooked

          thanks for the Stubbs recommendations; it's part of the program--so low hanging fruit. I'll add Easy Tiger and Parkside to the list.

        2. parkside is within walking distance. awesome happy hour from 5-7. the oyster platter is a great deal