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Jun 4, 2013 12:08 PM


HI there,
I am planning a party soon for 26 adults and 20 kids. Since this is first time,i have no idea about the number of pizzas i need for the party.

chips and dips + salads + fruit bowls are also there. Any advice is helpful.
Thanks all.

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    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Figure 1-2 average sized slices per kid, and 2-3 per adult. The number of pizzas is going to depend on where you get them, and what size you get.

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          Depending on the age of the kids most pizza places will do "kid slices", basically doubling the numbers of slices per pie. If your kids are on the younger end this is a great option. The slices are easier to eat and less messy. While some kids might eat 3 of the smaller slices there is less chance of waste.

          If the kids are 12 and older keep in mind that your average teen can easily put away 4+ slices each. When my sons friends come over I find that four 12 year olds can easily put away 2 large pizza's with wings and ice cream. There is not an ounce of fat on these kids either.

          Your average adult will eat 2-3 slices as long as there are other options too so agree that you should offer salads and fruit too.

          Lastly- as boogle noted not all pies are created equal. Make sure to ask how many slices you get and how big they are. Nothing would be worse to order your pizza's thinking you were getting a traditional large pie and then get there and find they are the smaller gourmet ones.

          Plus, IME, people tend to eat less of slices with tons of toppings than those with just one or two. At our last work pizza party we WAY over ordered assuming everyone would have 2-3 slices on average along with salad. But instead we found that many people only ate one slice of heavy topped/gourmet ones since they were so filling.

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            Agree w/ foodieX2 on all points. Even when not serving kids, if I order large (16" or bigger) pizzas for a crowd, I ask to have them cut into into 12 or 16 slices instead of 8. Cuts down on the waste, and people can try multiple kinds. And on the tons of toppings point - one of our local pizza places does a "salad pizza" which I really like, but it's ridiculously loaded down with toppings. I can usually manage 3 slices of their typical large pizzas (I'm firmly convinced I have a separate pizza stomach), but with the salad pizza it's one and done for me.

        2. you can cut your number of pizzas if you make a big pot of plain noodles and sauce... trust me the kids will eat this over pizza..

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          1. re: girloftheworld

            Yeah but she would need to be able have a place for all 20 kids to sit and eat. Plus she will need bowls, utensils, etc. If they are on the younger side talk about a mess! Slices of pizza the kids can eat almost anywhere with less mess and prep.

            Pizza day at my son's school is THE most popular day and has been since pre-K. There was practically a riot when the wanted to offer it only every other week.

          2. When the gang was much younger we would buy or make Sicilian pizzas for kid parties. The kids had an easier time holding square slices, we didn't wind up needing as many pies because Sicilian pizzas work out to more pieces. The kids enjoyed the squares and it worked out well for the adults too.

            How old are the kids?

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              1. re: natureloverforever

                Perfect age for holding a square cut Sicilian pizza!

                1. re: HillJ

                  That is what those little squares are called? cool!

                2. re: natureloverforever

                  yikes- 20 4 year olds? good luck to you <grin>