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Cheap-ish dinner in Berkeley, but still sit-down

I'm looking for a cheap-ish dinner place in Berkeley (preferably around campus) that's still on the nicer side. Looking to pay $10-15 for entrees and a nice environment to catch up with friends. Preferably not Indian, Chinese, or American. Thanks!

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  1. Belli Osteria might be the nicest place in that price range.


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      1. Slow or Taqueria Cancun (order a plate, not a burrito).

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          I thought of Slow, but its entrees are $14-17.

          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            $14 < $15, so in theory there's one or two items under $15.

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              Sure, but how convivial is it to go to a place where the only way to stay within your budget is to order the vegetarian or vegan entree?

              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                At this point it's simply an option. Better to have some options than not.

        2. Venus on Shattuck has good food and many of the main courses are within your budget. http://www.venusrestaurant.net/dinner...

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            Five of the seven main dishes on that menu are $16-21. The other two are a $13 Cubano sandwich and $14 fish and chips.

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              OK. Point taken. How about Gecko Gecko on Milvia? Despite the name it has its appeal. Very close to campus, service is pleasant, food is decent Cal/Thai, prices aren't bad. Most noodles, curries, stir-fry dishes are in the $10-$12 range.

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                I withdraw my recommendation. The very mild curry had too-large pieces of onion, red and green bell pepper and sweet potato, with dry chicken breast. Weird combo that didn't work. They offer 10% off with an Aurora theater ticket. I think that was most of their business tonight.

          2. sabuy sabuy - best Thai food in the area hands down. There are 2 locations - 1 on San Pablo and the other is on College. Highly recommend!

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                  Le Petit Cheval's definitely in that price range. So is Anh Hong.

                  Comal's the most expensive Mexican restaurant in town. Most items on the menu are under $15, but you'd probably want to share a couple per person.

                2. How about Norikonoko? I like the atmosphere there, homey-cozy. If you get ramen it's well within your budget.

                  1. Kiraku is a fun place for catching up with friends. Izakaya style though, so while most plates are pretty cheap, you'll probably want to order several and share. it's on the smallish side, so call ahead, depending on the day it can be hard to get a seat for a bigger group.

                    1. O Chame fits the requirements if you stick with the noodle dishes.

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                        Six of the nine noodle soups are over $15 and the other main courses are over $25.

                        1. re: Robert Lauriston

                          Perhaps I was taking more liberty than justified, but I figured 50 cents more wouldn't hurt (8 of the 9 noodle dishes are $15.50 or lower).

                      2. Angeline's? Or Turkish Kitchen?