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Jun 4, 2013 11:27 AM

Delfina. or similar? and Red Door Cafe'? [San Francisco]

We ate at Delfina several years ago and loved it. Thiking of going back, but if there is something equally good or better we should try, would appreciate the suggestions.

Also, have been reading about the red door cafe', sounds like it would be fun and interesting, but is it worth the wait and possible rejection of the owner? Will we be sneered at for having kids?

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  1. I have only been to Red Door for brunch and believe your kids would love it.

    However, I have found it to be a massive joke of a restaurant; extremely mediocre food punctuated with "whimsical" skewers and cocktail umbrellas to decorate. Much of the food comes from microwaves and I have no idea why people like this place other than the quirky ambience.

    1. Delfina is great but if you do want to try something new try Cotogna, Locanda or Incanto.

      1. From what I've heard, I would definitely not bring children to Red Door.

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          On the kids, I don't know about Red Door but generally I'd highly encourage if they are younger than teenagers that you go at off times for dinner (e.g. before 6:30) that way it's more relaxed and you're not in this loud, hectic trendy space dealing with a harried waiter during peak rush.