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Jun 4, 2013 11:01 AM

Midtown restaurants/bars

Where do people go for some good food and a vibrant bar scene in the Rosedale, Yonge & St. Clair/Davisville/Eglington areas. Somewhere that has a more mature crowd (no 20 year olds getting drunk) and you can stick around after dinner for drinks.

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  1. Near Rosedale and Summerhill, I like the Monk's Table and the Rebel House.I also like Globe Earth and Rosedale Diner. There's also a Terroni and Bar Centrale near Summerhill.

    At St Clair, I like Cava for wine and tapas. Scallywags is a bar on St Clair that's decent for standard drinks.

    Closer to Davisville, I like 5 Doors North and Tabule. Some 30+40somethings like the cocktail hour at Coquine- but it is crowded and loud.

    I also like The Abbot and Milagro near Lawrence.

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      + For Monk's Table (classic pub), Rebel House (great brunch and craft beer), and Globe Earth (nicer, more proper dinner types, good local food focus).

      I've always had a hit-or-miss time at 5 Doors North so I tend not to recommend it. I LOVE Tabule for a good girls' night or date with a boisterous atmosphere and excellent food.

      Also great near Davisville is the new-ish Lil Baci Taverna which has nice salads and pizzas in a cool midtown chic vibe. Twisted Kilt pub across the street has an excellent beer and wine list, too.

      Tops for me would be Bar Centrale by Terroni south of Summerhill. Best suits the OP's description.

      1. re: prima

        The Abbot on Yonge is one of the best pub for food in mid town. Service is consistent as are the locals from the area.

        1. re: Tauck

          What do you recommend most at The Abbot?