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Jun 4, 2013 10:30 AM

What's good on St-Hubert street

I’m going to see a show at Petit Medley on St-Hubert (corner bellechasse) with some coworkers, so we want to go straight from work, and have dinner and a few beers around there. What’s good around St-Hubert. Ideally, the place has outdoor seating if it’s nice. Or alternatively, give me two options, one to eat outside, and one inside? All I can think of is Vice Versa which has a nice beer choice and decent food, outdoor and indoor seating (with the new space). But it’s a good 15 minutes walk away. I see Petit Medley has food, is it decent? That could be simpler.

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  1. I don't think you'll find a nice terrace on the Plaza, but what about Fixe right below Bellechasse? It was a café before but they're now more of a bistro. I've never been but there was a good review in the Gazette:

    Take a look at the menu here if that's something you could like :

    Also not far on Beaubien, Bistro Unique Simple italian food and there's a terrace.

    1. there's a couple of terrasse between beaubien and bellechasse but i've never tried them so i can't recommend

      1. pho tai ho on st denis and beaubien is a good bet
        or there is itacate a few blocks further west

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          Across the street from Pho Tay Ho on St-Denis is Y Lan, also an interesting Vietnamese place, and it is a byow. Itacate and even Mogador are getting a bit far afield.

          I tend to think that most of the potentially interesting places around there are on the side streets.

          I haven't read any recent reviews of Petit Medley; in an earlier incarnation it was mostly a resto-bar.

          Here is the menu: (you may have to click on "menu repas and tapas" within this category, as I did).

          Oh dear, they include poutine as a "tapa". But you could do worse than the plate of organic sausages from Charlevoix...

          I don't know anyone who has eaten there (I live nearby , in Petite-Italie). And have no interest in doing so... Will try to think of places so you have a fun evening!

        2. There's always Elio Pizzeria, on Bellechasse just west of St-Denis. Decent old-school type pizza joint with a small terrasse.

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            it has gone downhill over the years but it's not horrible

            1. re: catroast

              not horrible but still greasy just like i remember lol. i used to spend lots of saturday there with my parents as a kid especially when i lived just a street away

          2. There's a Portuguese place called Casa Alentejo at 5938 St-Hubert. Can't vouch for the ambiance -- I've only had takeout so far -- but the chicken is very good and I assume/hope that bodes well for everything else.

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              I second the recommendation for Casa Alentejo's chicken. Their fries are also good. I've not eaten in the dining room either, but it looks nice enough.

              1. re: SnackHappy

                I haven't been in, but I'm sure the dining room is fine.