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Jun 4, 2013 09:46 AM

Branson for locavores

We are very excited for our trip to Branson over 4th of July weekend! Any recommendations for places to eat? My husband eats vegetarian 98% of the time, and me about 85%. We love places where local produce is treated delicately.

Where do you recommend to eat? Also, any bed and breakfast recommendations?

College of the Ozarks' Keeter Center looks great.

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  1. I don't know Branson well though I have been there a few times.
    I am curious. Is there anything you have seen that leads you to believe Branson has this sort of culinary experience? If it does I will be anxious to know. My experience on the food scene has been not real good.
    Good luck to you!

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      Wishful thinking leads me to believe that it might be a small segment of the dining options in Branson. I've only lived in the midwest for 2 years, but have been generally very pleasantly suprised by how farm to table eating seem to be firmly intrenched in local cultures. Definitely not pervasive, but not a new thing either.

      If College of the Ozarks's restaurant is the only thing that appears to be what we are looking for, where can a vegetarian dine with some ease in Branson?

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        Do please share with us if you find something out outisde of this forum?

        Have fun!

    2. I highly recommend the Keeter Center. Make reservations.

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        Thanks! Will do. Where else have you eaten happily in Branson?

      2. Although we don't recommend dinner at the Chateau, we love their Sunday brunch. The place is beautiful, and is something to see in and of itself.

        And (although we're not vegetarians so it's possible I'm mistaken) there are always so many items on offer on the Sunday brunch that it's hard to imagine you wouldn't find enough non-meat dishes to fill you up.

        My father really loves the Branson Belle and likes going on it every chance he gets. They do serve meals, which are non-vegetarian, but I have noticed that they bring vegetarian meals out to people that have requested them. Keep in mind that I have never tried these meals, so can't vouch for their quality, but I like floating around the lake. We've been there often enough that I no longer stay inside and watch the show. I go out on the deck and enjoy the scenery while my dad stays inside enjoying the show and the meal. If you decide to do this, you'll need to make reservations and order the veggie meal in advance.

        Oh and PS, most folks agree that the best show in town is Shoji.

        1. College of the Ozarks is a wonderful place to dine.

          I am a vegetarian and I was very impressed by the take-out counter at Country Mart 1447 SR-248, Branson, MO 65615. The Country Mart has a Starbucks as well.

          1. Just returned from our trip! It became very clear when we arrived in Branson, that our expectations had to be drastically dialed down. That being said, we were not too unhappy with the results.


            Thai Thai
            Very cheerful staff. Stir fried green beans with tofu was pleasantly spiced. Green curry tofu had unfried tofu, which was nice contrast. Better than the thai food we've had in KC.

            Sugar Leaf Cafe
            Satisfying BLT. Veggie wrap was adequate. This place reminded us of the 90s.

            Keeter Center:
            This was the biggest let down, as we had retained our pre trip expectations. Great service. Very yummy bread/ apple butter to start. My artichoke/spinach lasagne was too heavily seasoned with rosemary for my liking. My husband's walleye was nice, but not special. Blueberry pie was a bit lackluster.

            Vintage Paris:
            My husband got both his craft/Belgian import beer and pour over coffee fix here.

            Mansfield, MO
            Baker Seed Co
            This was the gem of our MO Ozark exploration. Vegan lunch was quite good. They have a set meal, and during our visit, it was lasagne, grilled zucchini, grilled amaranth, pickles, bread stick, and blueberry cobbler with lemonade. Lasagne and blueberry cobbler were far superior to Keeter center's. It was very tasty and fresh. It is by donation only. We didn't have cash, so we added to our seed purchase in seed store. They are closed on Saturdays.