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Jun 4, 2013 09:43 AM

Sunday Lunch on the Thames

A friend and I are planning to drive out from London for a simple lunch. Any ideas? We don't want anything as fancy as Roux or Blumenthal in Bray. The Trout and the Cherwell Boathouse in Oxford would do, but ideally, we'd find something a bit closer and more interesting. No need for an impressive wine list, just good food and a lovely setting. I promise a review. Thanks,

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  1. Bingham at Richmond.

    Right on the river - dining room overlooks it.

    I predicted they would win a Michelin star and was right. Never expected they'd lose it one year after. I'd be extremely happy to eat Shay Cooper's £38 Sunday lunch.

    1. There are a few pubs on the river at Hampton Court, but to be honest I don't know which ones are best. Maybe someone else will chime in. It's a great area for a nice walk along the river, too, not to mention visiting the palace.

      There are some casual places in Henley... it's fun watching the scullers.

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        The Mitre at Hampton Court is pretty dire.

        How about The Depot in Barnes?

        ETA: The Depot is nice but not "interesting".

      2. You might try The Beetle & Wedge. A bit beyind Henley, but not as far as Oxford. Mixed reviews, as most places get, but I quite like it:

        1. Thanks for the suggestions. In the end, the day was nice and my guest had a convertible, so we went to the Cherwell Boathouse in Oxford, at the north edge of the University. It's a lovely setting on the river, and we got to watch the students punting by (and to walk off our lunch).

          The experience was good, but not transporting. The menu is solid modern british. She had Lobster Bisque and Rump of Spring Lamb with a medley of vegetables. I had a tian of crab and salmon, followed by pea and asparagus risotto. Well executed, with good ingredients, but straightforward. Deserts were cherry clafoutis and sublime strawberries and cream. A good, affordable wine list, with a good mix of halfs and wines by the glass. With coffee, a half of Pouilly Fume and a glass of macon, the bill was £102, before tip. Service was friendly and professional. There are set menus that would lower the price a bit.