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Jun 4, 2013 09:06 AM

Where can I go food shopping in Duck, NC?

My wife and I are renting a beach house with our two-year old son in Duck, NC during the last week of June. While we might attempt to venture out for an occasional meal, many of our meals will be prepared and enjoyed at the beach house. We enjoy shopping at farmers markets, and places where we can buy from local vendors and/or enjoy local fare. Does anyone have any suggestions in or around Duck to purchase food for our visit? Thanks in advance!

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  1. There are two small local produce stands in Duck as well as Dockside Seafood Market that carries a lot of local fresh seafood. Everything else can be sourced at the Harris Teeter or Food Lion in Kitty Hawk. If you're travelling down HWY 158 on your way to the Outer Banks, there are several roadside produce stands along Currituck mainland that are more affordable than what you'll find in Duck. My favorite is Tarheel Produce in Grandy, just south of the Cotton Gin. They have fresh produce as well as seafood.

    1. We stay in Corolla and shop at the Food Lion and Harris Teeter. The FL has better prices and across the street, at the north end of the Timbuck II shopping center is the Seaside Farm Market, run by a very lovely lady. They have fresh produce, baked goods, canned goods and a nice selection of seafood (at decent prices, vs. some of the seafood markets down there).
      We particularly enjoyed the jumbo shrimp and made shrimp cocktail a couple times. Very nice enjoying that with fresh lemon and a view that can't be beat.

      btw... we ate in at the house most meals, but on the rare dinner out, we felt that Blue Point Grill in Duck was really a great meal. Well worth the splurge.

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        Love the Seaside Farm Market. We stay in Whalehead and get all of our produce there. We go in July, so the peaches are available. They are so good. I always stop by the market the night before we leave and buy a bushel of peaches. They also have a great selection of boiled peanuts- which I had never had until visiting NC. My cousin buys the boiled shrimp from the market to bring home with her.

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            Every year- Lighthouse Drive-OF. CAnt wait until next month. To keep it food centric- Every year we have a fried turkey night. Food Lion does not carry turkeys in the summer, so we headed to HT. We bought t wo frozen turkeys, and put them in the second fridge to thaw out. On the night of our turkey fry, as we were openeing the turkey, we noticed that the birds were stuffed!!! I had never heard of a frozen, stuffed bird. The thought of anyone actually eating the stuffing is horrible! We took out the stuffing, and gave the birds a good rinse before frying them up. We now bring our own turkeys every year!

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              I've done a baked chicken several years, eating off of it for days! This year, DH said "nyet" to the chicken.
              I brought down chicken chili, a flank steak, asparagus veloute and just about every condiment, oil vinegar and spice I could think of, if it fit.
              Planning ahead is so key. We know what to take as far as kitchen and bath, and have had to buy extra stuff that we forgot much less now.
              But yeah, a frozen stuffed bird would be a bit disconcerting to cook.
              +1 Lighthouse across from OF, but thankfully with a still very good view, considering the newer mansions going up now!

      2. Food Lion is a national chain, I am not sure how much locally sourced produce they really do carry. The Food Lion in Kitty Hawk and the one on the Corolla Road are a good 20 minute drive from Duck. You can purchase assorted items ahead of time (dish soap, soda, water, TP etc) and bring with you in your car.

        For convenient shopping in Duck there is always Tommy's Gourmet Market. They will have many regular daily type items (bread, ice cream, milk etc.) Of course it will be more expensive than Food Lion but you will save time and support a small business that is a Duck institution. They also have a deli and will have have fresh daily breakfast type rolls as well as pies. My favorite is the tart Jumbleberry Pie.

        There are also fresh fruit and seafood vendors nearby.

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          I found Tommy's to be very pricey. I wouldn't do my week's shopping there just like I don't do my week's shopping at Whole Paycheck.
          I need to stretch my budget so sorry, no can do the local thing for all of my food needs. And ps., I bet the FL and Seaside market (and other local markets) were both sourcing their corn and peaches from Georgia last week.
          It would just get out of hand and hey, I'm cooking to save $$.
          I'd love to stimulate the local economy 3x a day, every day but the wallet would crap out!
          There are lots of local market there for treating yourself to local seafood, goods and produce, but you have to be savvy about it, know what IS local and what is in season.
          Plus, I think the locals who work at the HT and FL need their employment dollars just as much as the mom and pops.
          This doesn't need to be about the evils of large corporations and the Walmarts of the world. Unless the OP wants to stop in the Walmart in Southern Shores ;-)

          1. re: monavano

            Whoa whoa, simmer down please.

            Read my post again. I told the OP to stock up on basic items ahead of time. Did I mention Tommy's was more expensive? Check. Tommy's also has true gourmet items not found in the Food Lion.

            The OP specifically said they were looking for food shopping in Duck. Tommy's has been a Duck staple for almost as long as the Duck road has been open.

            I made no mention of any "evils of large corporations" so if it "doesn't need to be about" that then why are you even bringing it up?

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              OMG.... shutter.... I just had a Mom flash back (simmer down)!!

              But really, you DID imply that FL was not to be patronized because it is a "national chain". To which I say, "so what? who cares?"
              It behooves anyone in Duck to go to Corolla to do their major shop for the week, and augment with the many lovely and wonderful independents like Tommy's.

              If I were to stay in Duck, that's what I would do and I base my recs. on many years in OBX.

              So, there's nothing wrong with my reading and comprehension skills. You IMPLIED that the OP should avoid FL because it's a chain, and that he should patronize local mom and pops, and I find that sort of thing elitist and out of reach for most people and I DO bring the basics... I fill the refrigerator and cabinets with them! There is still lots to buy to take care of most every meal and snack.
              This comes from an avid farmers market patron, btw.
              "Read my post again". Could you be any more insulting? Why don't you read again and point out to me where the OP asked for "gourmet items"?

              1. re: monavano

                I implied nothing.

                I said nothing negative about Food Lion nor did not tell the OP to avoid Food Lion at all. I did not tell the OP to support "Mom and Pops" - I only mentioned Tommy's Market. Once again the OP asked for Duck recs.

                There is absolutely no reason to go shopping in Corolla if one is staying in Duck.

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                  "There is absolutely no reason to go shopping in Corolla if one is staying in Duck."

                  We spent a week last July in a house just north of Duck and just below the Sanderling complex. Shopping in Corolla was easier all around with lighter traffic and more parking. Plus, Harris Teeter is worth it.

                2. re: monavano

                  If you are celebrating a birthday during you stay, or you are looking for a special bakery then check out Tulios in Loblolly Pines Shopping Plaza in Duck.


            2. re: scoopG

              Tommy's is wonderful, but it *is* pricier and caters to the more gourmet crowd. Wee Winks in Duck, surprisingly, has been completely renovated this year and carries a nice selection of gourmet items and has been around a lot longer than Tommy's...but both are great for specialty items, but neither particularly source locally. I was trying to give the OP places that offer local food and produce. Food Lion and Harris Teeter in Southern Shores offer your standard grocery items at affordable prices. The stores in Corolla are a bit farther away and definitely much more crowded. And, the Harris Teeter does offer fresh local seafood selections. However, Dockside Seafood in Duck and the two produce stands in Duck are your best places to find LOCAL seafood and produce IN Duck.

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                Wee Winks - of course SweetPhyl - I forgot about them! It should be noted that both Wee Winks and Tommy's are the source in Duck for the daily newpsapers (NYT, Washington Post, USA Today etc).

                1. re: scoopG

                  Yes, how in the world could one survive an excursion to the backwoods without the New York Times! One shudders to even think it.

            3. Also, on the cheap in Corolla (Timbuck II) is Bad Bean Burrito and it's excellent.
              We always do our big shop on our first day, and once that's tucked away, we get burritos and salsa/chips at BBB.

              1. The original comment has been removed
                1. Local seafood is right there in Duck. As SweetPhly noted, there is Dockside N' Duck (in the Wee Winks Square). Another fresh seafood vendor in Duck is the Station Bay Marina at 1566 Duck Road.