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Jun 4, 2013 08:49 AM


I got a heads up on this place. Patio looks great, but HOLY MOLY are they expensive!

Anyone been? Is it really worth $14 for pastor tacos or is this just another Fonda SM?

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  1. Holy molé! Haven't been and I do actually like Fonda SM, but you ain't kidding. $40 a pound for fajitas?

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    1. re: willtryanythingonce

      I'm from El Paso, and it really gets under my skin when I get charged over $10 for a chile relleno. I know, different city, but sheesh...let's think this through - 2 pablano, less than a dollar, cilantro, $1.50ish (for the whole bunch), cheese, let's be generous and say $1 for what's in each one. Sauce is about a dollar to make and about ten minutes of work. Stuffing takes no time and then it's in the oven. No work to plate. How ANYONE can charge $25 bucks is just insane...and I'm a cheap b*tch when it comes to Mexican food.

      1. re: amysuehere

        Well, one does have to take into account the cost of mortgage or rent (easily $10K/mo. at that location), paying back the construction loan, furnishing the restaurant with equipment, furniture, etc., paying the staff. Even restaurants with high prices have razor-thin profit margins.

        Having said that, yep, for the price their food had best be stellar and somehow unique, not the usual Tex Mex that can be had for much less money at literally dozens of places around town (as Royale noted).

    2. I like that they're using local, sustainable, humanely-raised ingredients (and that more and more Austin restaurants are doing so in general). The higher priced ingredients accounts for some of the higher priced entrees, but most of the joints using such ingredients and charging such prices make up the difference in creativity or novelty. You can find Benji's items on dozens of other menus around town. Maybe "trendy" will keep them afloat for a while, but it will be interesting to see its ultimate longeivity.