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Jun 4, 2013 08:34 AM

Coming to Chicago this summer - one question...

Hello Chicago Hounds -

I am planning to visit mid-late August this summer. My question is, if I book a Monday-Friday trip will I be missing anything important that only happens on the weekend?

Thanks for any and all advice!


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  1. Possibly a weekend festival. There are themed music, ethnic and neighborhood fests all summer long:

    Whether those are "important" is a subjective thing. If you're here to see the major sights, then probably not an issue. If you want local flavor, plan accordingly.

    1. I think a mid-week experience even better than a weekend fest is the free concerts and events in Milleniumn Park. Downtown Sound on Mondays, Loops and Variations on Thursdays, SummerDance. Grab a bottle of wine and a blanket and head to Prtizker Pavillion.

      1. If you really want to get into the underground dining scene, then some of those places only run on Fri/Sat.

        1. Thanks everyone for your responses. I am just wanting to make sure I don't have any regrets after -ie. brunch only on Sunday restaurants or weekend markets. I understand that Chicago has a lot of great breakfast/brunch places. I have been doing lots of research and will post mt itinerary later on once we have decided on dates.

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            I think coming during the week is an excellent strategy, because you'll have an easier time getting reservations for the places you want. Our biggest farmer's market, Green City Market, operates on Wednesdays as well as Saturdays.

            As for breakfast/brunch places, they tend to fall into two categories: (1) places that specialize in breakfast/brunch, 6-7 days a week, and (2) places that mostly serve dinner, and also have brunch but only on the weekends. The places that specialize in breakfast/brunch don't accept reservations, but there are rarely any waits to be seated during the week, so a weekday visit is perfect for those. My favorites include Walker Brothers, Jam, M. Henry/M. Henrietta, Southport Grocery, Bongo Room, and Batter & Berries. You'll be missing the ability to have the weekend-only brunch in the second category of places that are more dinner-oriented, but I think the ability to avoid waits at the first category makes it well worth the trade-off.

            Just make sure you make reservations and/or look up hours at any places you plan to dine, as some restaurants are closed on specific weekdays (usually Mondays, Tuesdays, or Wednesdays).

          2. Thanks everyone - will likely book a Monday-Friday trip! Have enjoyed reading the board and will post an itinerary later on.