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Jun 4, 2013 06:29 AM

Any idea when Hugo's is reopening?`

We will be in Portland in early September and had hoped to visit Hugo's but I see they're on hiatus. Anyone know when they plan to reopen?

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  1. I had heard June or July, so you should be fine in September.

    1. Just got back from some oysters/beer at Eventide and asked. They're saying 2 weeks. It's looking like they're getting close. I'm sure you're all set for September.

      1. Just got an email that Hugo's is open as of tonight! Reservations by phone only this week, and by phone and OpenTable starting next week. I'm very excited to see the new space (and to use our gift certificate we got for Christmas). I will say that having it closed for a while did allow my wife and I to enjoy some of Portland's other fine restaurants like Grace, Miyake, and Bar Lola.