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Jun 4, 2013 05:51 AM

Ken's Ramen coming to Providence

Eater is reporting that some sort of incarnation of the former Allston Super 88 spot is coming to downtown Providence. Very exciting.

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  1. I read that also and got very excited. The picture shows the Biltmore garage, so that may be the location.

      1. re: jomo9501

        Wow, thanks for this. I've never heard of paitan ramen. And there aren't many restaurants I've found that offer tsukemen. Very, very exciting!

      2. Now I have to travel to PVD to get decent ramen. Welcome back Kenzo.

        1. It's awesome me yet another reason to get back down to my 'hood! Though I'm in Boston these days, I get more excited about the dining scene in PVD.

          I wish him well!

          1. This might be old news, but I just came across their revamped website!

            And, as I drove by this morning, I could've sworn the paper was taken off the windows and that there were tables and chairs. Could it finally be opening soon?

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            1. re: ineemeeny

              Oops. (I can't edit my post?) I was looking at the wrong storefront. Paper still up on the windows. :(