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Ken's Ramen coming to Providence

Eater is reporting that some sort of incarnation of the former Allston Super 88 spot is coming to downtown Providence. Very exciting.


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  1. I read that also and got very excited. The picture shows the Biltmore garage, so that may be the location.

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        Wow, thanks for this. I've never heard of paitan ramen. And there aren't many restaurants I've found that offer tsukemen. Very, very exciting!

      2. Now I have to travel to PVD to get decent ramen. Welcome back Kenzo.

        1. It's awesome news...gives me yet another reason to get back down to my 'hood! Though I'm in Boston these days, I get more excited about the dining scene in PVD.

          I wish him well!

          1. This might be old news, but I just came across their revamped website! http://www.kenramenpvd.com/

            And, as I drove by this morning, I could've sworn the paper was taken off the windows and that there were tables and chairs. Could it finally be opening soon?

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              Oops. (I can't edit my post?) I was looking at the wrong storefront. Paper still up on the windows. :(

            2. It's still not open, The menu looks amazing. Anyone got an opening date yet?

              1. Finally, some movement! I saw this morning that they posted a sign on the window that says that they're hiring servers, bussers, hosts, etc. Here we go!

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                  Ugh I'm visiting in-laws in PVD and was hoping this place would be open.

                  Anywhere else of note for ramen or pho?

                2. Just looked at menu. Not familiar with Ken's or Ramen restaurant. For the uninitiated, what should I know before ordering?

                  1. Ken's soft opening:

                    We are offering a set menu (Appetizer+Ramen) just for you guys throughout this week, starting tonight!

                    6pm-10pm (Last Call)
                    $15 CA$H ONLY


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                      Wow! What an awesome surprise! So excited for this! I hope I can get a table tonight! Thanks for posting on CH!

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                        Man, I picked a bad week to be out of town. Can't wait to check it out after the soft open though!

                    2. I went to the soft opening last night, and I was impressed. Small cozy place with delicious food, i'll be going back regularly once its open, cant wait to try the rest of the menu, I think theyre open all this week at 6:30 they stopped taking names around 830 last night. I didnt ask when the grand opening was, as I was still blown away by how tasty the food was.

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                        I went last night too, and was satisfied, but not very impressed. @vegathechosen, what did you think about those noodles? It was definitely a style that I hadn't had before, and it was surprisingly very firm. As for the broth, I know I shouldn't have been expecting a pork broth, but I was hoping for their chicken-based broth to be more complex. The toppings were great, however, and the pork bun with that special sauce was divine.

                        I know it was a "pre-soft" opening, so I hope they learned that if you put a column for people's phone numbers on the list, then people are going to expect you to call them when it's their turn for a table, which they definitely did not do. (Glad I waited in the cold!)

                        I'm also very excited about some of the other offerings they'll add to the menu once they're fully up and running, especially the tsukemen.

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                          Yes, the noodles were very firm, and not like others ive had but after a few mins in the broth they were perfect but i assume you were just like me and dove right in and when i did this i thought the noodles were not ready but like you im hoping the iron things out. The ramen was nice after freezing my butt off.

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                            The noodles I had were perfect - they are getting them from sun noodle company in NJ (which is the first real deal producer of ramen noodles in the US), and they are alkaline noodles which are a bit springy-er than most other types of noodles - also harder to cook correctly.

                      2. Popped by today for lunch, not realizing that it's take-away only during the soft opening with a very limited menu (pork buns and some cold ramen).

                        I'm all for good ramen, and realize it is both their right to open 'softly' and my right to never go there, but this place is ridiculous. How long does it take to open a restaurant?

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                          Agree. Soft opening that has lasted what, 6 months now? Open or close; pick one. If you plan on permanently serving a limited menu, then say it.