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Special dinner out in/near Wilmington, NC

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There will be 9 of us (aunts, cousins - an all-girl weekend) and we'd love to have dinner at someplace elegant but not stuffy, with the best food available. Not really picky about the type of cuisine, just looking for a lovely night out with excellent food.
Conversely, I'd love to know of the best down-home, North Carolina BBQ place near Wilmington. Maybe that IS the best food around :)
Thanks in advance!

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  1. PortLand Grill, Catch, Caprice, Circa 1922 would all be good choices for your dinner. Unfortunately, there isn't any great bbq in Wilmington. Flip's is probably the best of a mediocre lot.

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      It appears Flip's will be closing soon, before reopening in a new location next year:


    2. Manna or Roko