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Jun 3, 2013 11:42 PM

Patxi's Pizza now has a North San Jose location!

I can finally try Patxi's Pizza for lunch one day in North San Jose in the mixed-used apartment complex called Crescent Village. Anyone's been to the SF, Palo Alto locations for lunch & can recommend any dishes - salads, or pizzas to try? Is the thin-crust any good or should I just stick to deep-dish? Any slices or gotta get a whole pie?

Patxi's Pizza
3350 Zanker Rd Ste 30
San Jose, CA
Daily 11am-10pm

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  1. I haven't been to any other Patxi's, so I can't compare, but found this one to be pretty solid.

    The thin crust (Prosciutto Arugula) pizza was quite crispy, and even the deep dish had a sturdy, crispy and buttery cornmeal crust, impressive given all the wet ingredients on top of it. In contrast, the deep dish I had at Blue Line was soggy. I'm a bit particular when I say this, but I rather appreciated how Patxi's was able to render the crusts so crispy and golden brown without a hint of char.

    For a place that just opened, I'm surprised that there weren't any kinks. They're in expansion mode, but it hasn't seemed to affect quality like it has for other expanding mini-chains.

    I'm not in a hurry to return because it isn't my style of pizza, but for those who like this, it's a solid choice especially for that area, and unlike the Campbell location we could never walk into without getting stuck with an hour long wait, it's not crowded (yet).

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    1. I tried out Patxi's Pizza with my co-workers Fri 6/7/13. They have a small bar up in front when you walk in you see it.

      They have a lunch special: choice of slice of the day, salad, & fountain drink for $10. We all got that because other pizzas take a long time to make. We only have 1hr to eat lunch.

      I got Greek salad - it's a huge bowl with lots of lettuce, red & green bell peppers, one slab of feta cheese, pitted olives. It was pretty good.

      Co-workers Butter Lettuce salad looked good - one co-worker mentioned too much blue cheese which is very strong she said, lots of chopped up bacon.

      Arugula salad - just lettuce & some sliced cheese - looked ok.

      I picked the Vegetarian slice which was spinach & mushroom deep dish. It's a huge slice, lots of red sauce, lots of cheese, crust on the bottom gets soggy, edge of crust is crispy & you finish with it - add honey to make it better!

      Co-worker got the Meat version of the slice of the day & said it's like eating lasagna! Lots of sliced olives on top.

      Iced tea was unsweetened, ask for it with slice of lemon. It was a huge glass!

      Separate bathrooms in the back. Women's 2 stalls, 1 sink.

      Patio to eat outside if you want. I like inside with A/C!

      You can charge it! Can take more than 1hr to eat here, better to call it in if you know what you want.