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Jun 3, 2013 10:09 PM

Itinerary Advice - Rome, Naples, Lerici, Herculaneum

The grandparents are taking a group of 10 of us (4 kids ages 6-10, 4 parents, and 2 grandparents) on a Disney cruise in the Mediterranean. Breakfast and dinner will be on the boat, but we're looking for some terrific, authentic, local food for lunch when we're off the boat and exploring. Obviously with kids in tow we're not looking for high-end uber-foodie kind of places, but we want to avoid the tourist traps at all costs.

A few other notes:
- With a group our size I assume we would likely need reservations, even though these will be weekday lunches. The four kids can sit at a separate table nearby, but still 10 is a pretty big group. Any specific advice on larger groups would be appreciated.
- We wil usually have about 90 minutes for lunch and will be on foot. Train/bus/cab is definitely an option, but with our time constraints and group size it may be a little more difficult to go that route.
- The kids are pretty adventurous eaters so I'm not concerned about finding chicken nuggets on the menu or anything. But I do want to make sure these places are kid-appropriate as far as atmosphere, etc. We don't want to be crashing people's fancy business lunches or anything.

OK. I always search these boards when I travel within the US and did the same for this trip. For each day I've listed the options I'm currently considering and would love feedback about which option (or a different one I haven't listed) best hits the goals I've described.

- Dei Pescatori
- Il Fagolo

Rome (Vatican area)
- Il Passetto
- Pizzarium
- Romeo

Naples (near Centrale train station)
- Pizzeria Da Michele
- Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo

- Osteria Viva lo Re

Thanks in advance for any advice you can share.

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  1. Viva Lo Re--Absolutely. Can't comment on the others.

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    1. re: cmm2

      Is Viva lo re open on Sundays?

    2. You need to verify the weekly closing days and hours of your selected restaurants to see if they match with your travel plans. For example Im not sure that Gino Sorbillo is open at lunch time, and many (not all) of the restaurants in Naples historic center are closed on sunday.

      Regarding your rome choices, Pizzarium is not sitdown - I would suspect that your group will want to sit down for lunch, especially if you have just spent the morning in the Vatican. If you are at St. Peters rather than the Vatican museum, you could easily walk across the Tiber to a restaurant in the Center as an alternative to eating in the Vatican neighborhood - there have been some recommendations given in that area in prior Vatican threads.

      For Naples, how are you getting into the City? If you are coming off a boat, you may not need to go to the train station but could approach the historic Center from a different direction or look for your lunch in a different area. For example, Ciro a Santa Brigida is about halfway between Via Toledo and the harbor, and has a sort of tired splendor, with pizzas, a good array of cold appetizers to choose from and excellent neapolitan dishes (we had both a fine genovese and a good fritto misto there). Even a little balcony overlooking the street that kids could sit on.
      Hosteria Toledo, a couple blocks into the Spanish Quarter is also a very good and popular, friendly and not too inexpensive restaurant with the local cooking.We had a fine lunch there, too (no pizza)

      . Ive linked below some info re opening times and other info for Viva Lo Re.

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      1. re: jen kalb

        Appreciate the info (you too cmm2)! We will be in these locations on a Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. From what I've read those are relatively low probability days to be closed but I'll certainly check. Dinner only would obviously pose a problem!

        Re: Rome - I think we will be in St. Peter's Square when our 90 minutes starts. I was assuming it was unrealistic to cross the river but perhaps my sense of distance is off, so if you think that would work I'll consider some of those options as well.

        Re: Naples - We get off the boat in Naples and then we're taking a train to see Herculaneum until lunch time. We will either stay in Herculaneum for lunch (and apparently try Viva Lo Re) or get back on the train and head back to Naples and eat there. What time we finish in Herculaneum will probably dictate that choice, though if there is a can't miss option we would certainly work to make that happen. The rest of the afternoon is on our own in Naples. Does that help?