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Jun 3, 2013 07:55 PM

Dining in Roscoe Village?

Any recommendations? I have a friend who is local, but I wanted to see if there are any suggestions here as well. Not picky about food genre.

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  1. Does it have to be Roscoe Village? Nothing exciting comes to mind in that specific neighborhood, but nearby neighborhoods such as Logan Square and Bucktown have lots of great restaurants. Also would be helpful if you said a bit about price range, likes/dislikes and day of the week.

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    1. re: Gonzo70

      Somewhere close by would be fine.

      Monday evening (I know, not ideal), moderate price range preferred but can go upscale if it's worth it, and honestly...I love good vegetables, but am not a vegetarian. Dislikes list is almost non-existent (and it's limited items, not cuisine types).

      1. re: amalia_c

        Lula Cafe (nearby Logan Square area) is open Mondays and I have heard great things about, but have not been to personally. They offer a prix fixe farm dinner on Mondays. While not a vegetarian restaurant, they do offer a vegetarian tasting menu:

        Bristol (nearby Bucktown/Wicker Park neighborhood) is also open Mondays and has excellent food and drinks. Not as many vegetarian options as Lula Cafe:

        90 Miles Cuban Cafe (Logan Square) is very casual and inexpensive (is also BYOB); nice place if the weather is warm (large outdoor seating area, often has live Cuban music playing). Not the best food by any means, but fairly solid:

        Several good venues are unfortunately closed Mondays, but these three all are worth looking into. Hopefully some others will offer some additional suggestions. All the places I mentioned can be reserved on Open Table.

        1. re: amalia_c

          I agree with Gonzo Roscoe Village is not the most "exciting" dining destination area, but good meals can be had if location is important. All within a 2-block stretch of Roscoe St., just west of Damen: Turquoise Cafe gets good reviews, including from two different Turkish friends of mine, although I haven't been. Hot Woks Cool Sushi has an outpost there. Don't know a thing about the ambience at this location; in general, I find their food, sushi or their Thai-leaning items, to be decent for catching up with a friend or ordering delivery.

          Volo Restaurant & Wine Bar has a nice patio. Per their website: MONDAYS ARE BACK!
          $1 Oyster & $2 Pork Belly Happy Hour from 5-7pm
          New Spring Menu Items & food-friendly wines
          White, Red & Rose Sangria by the glass
          Small Batch Wine on Tap & over 30 wines by the 1/2 glass, glass,
          mini-carafe, flight, and bottle
          Artisan Cheeses and House-made Dessert & Gelato
          Reservations Available via OpenTable, or call 773.348.4600

          John's Place has something for everyone but, alas, is closed Mondays, plus can get filled up with children and the stroller set.

          Although not the OP's question, I think there are very good options in the neighborhood for breakfast/brunch, such as Kitsch'n on Roscoe, Orange, Victory Banner, and John's Place.

      2. Had a very nice dinner (and many glasses of wine) at Volo a few weeks ago. The food was very good, though some of the plates get a little too complicated. The chef had a penchant for adding "cream" something to every dish. That said, I enjoyed each dish and then wait staff was competent.

        1. Thanks for the ideas- we're looking at trying out Endgrain since it's open, and if we do I promise to report back!