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Jun 3, 2013 07:43 PM

One night in Victoria


If you had two days and one night in Victoria, BC what would be your top two choices for lunch and top choice for dinner? I grew up in Seattle, WA and have since lived in New York City and Philadelphia after college. I'm in the restaurant industry on the finance side. I'm bringing my wife back to the PNW for a week long visit and we are planning on taking the Clipper to Victoria for a two day, one night visit. Looking for some goods recs as its been a long time since I visited Victoria. Not necessarily looking for the most fancy and expensive meal, just the "ultimate Victoria experiences" in a short visit. Thanks in advance for your suggestions. I've done my research and look forward to seeing your responses to compare it to. It will be August and we love sitting outside by the water...not to influence your responses too much.


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  1. I'd do something like this:

    1st day lunch: Red Fish Blue Fish (inner harbour in a shipping container). Sit down by the harbour eating an oyster sandwich with tempura pickles. Or if they have them, get a scallop sandwich. I like the sandwiches here A LOT but the fish tacos are not all that special.

    1st day dinner: Reserve at Ulla for the best Victoria has to offer.

    2nd day: Coffee at Habit (both locations are cool, but I like the original on Pandora). They sell delicious Fol Epi pastries there, too.

    2nd day lunch: Relish, on Pandora between Quadra and Blanshard. Yes, the area is sketchy, but the food at Relish is delicious! And you can get a few things to go (excellent baked goods). Note that Relish is closed Sunday and Monday.

    That would be my itinerary (and I'm a local).

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      Along with anewton's always great contributions, you may be able to slot in some of Shelora Sheldon's recommendations from here