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Jun 3, 2013 06:38 PM

What about Franny's, or...?

I read the Roberta's thread below just after looking at the Yelp reviews for Franny's. I want some upscale delicious pizza on Saturday (with cocktails, but without marijuana) and was thinking of Franny's, which I really enjoyed the one time I went there a year ago or so, though it did seem pricey (and annoying that they don't cut the pizza, but, whatever). The reviews on Yelp now are so damning (portion sizes ridiculous, prices high, burned pizza, etc.) that I am having second thoughts. Went to Roberta's once, and it was way too loud for me. Loved Motorino, but it's gone. (Really remembering their brussels sprouts pie with that hot oil on the side.) What to do? Pizza, cocktails, Brooklyn, where?

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  1. I haven't been to the new Franny's yet. In case you didn't know, they moved up Flatbush a block or two. At this point every time I've set foot in the place I've been quoted waits about 2x longer than I'm willing to wait. The hype is pretty high with the new incarnation. It'll probably settle down in a couple of months. But if you have plans to go there on Saturday at 8PM, you're in for a long wait, I fear.

    As far as the reviews on yelp are concerned, any time a place is very popular, the haters swarm it. You'll find mostly positive opinions of Franny's on Chowhound.

    I'm not sure where you are, or where you're coming from, but a couple of good options might be as follows:

    Carroll Gardens: Savoia
    Boerum Hill: Sottocasa
    Park Slope: Brooklyn Central
    South Slope: Toby's Public House.

    There are tons of other places, and I'm sure people will chime in. If you specify what neighborhoods you'd prefer you'll probably get many responses.

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      Thanks. If Franny's we'd go early to avoid the long wait. Any neighborhood in Bklyn is fine--we'll be driving from Ditmas Park. Aside from Savoia (which was a OK, as I recall, but didn't love) haven't been to your suggested places. Will look them up! Cocktails are essential.

      1. re: gnosh

        It doesn't have cocktails (unless you include beer and wine in that definition), but Pete Zaaz has an outdoor patio area and wonderful pizza. On a Saturday, I would go on the earlier side since the seating is limited. It's on Classon in Crown Heights.

        1. re: gnosh

          If you go to Franny's early I doubt you'll have a very long wait. Worst case, roll up to the bar and have a cocktail while you wait. Brooklyn Central definitely does cocktails. Sottocasa definitely does not.

      2. Well, Motorino is coming back "soon" according to their website, the location listed is at broadway and bedford in s williamsburg.

        if you need cocktails with your pie paulie gee's is out (beer and wine only) but there are some fine cocktail options nearby (recently had some very good drinks at beloved off the nassau g stop - i see youre driving though so thats not super important i suppose).

        Toby's public house is great (and easy parking) - and not too far from you, if its just a pair of you the outdoor seating is great on a nice night.

        Brooklyn central has great crust and cheese, but ive found their pies to be somewhat under seasoned (and doubly so with the two salads we got on our last visit). most annoyingly, they were staffed on memorial day like it was a regular monday, and it was causing serious delays and service issues. it continues to be a place i like, and want to love, especially with the beautiful backyard and, as mentioned, terrific crust.

        how about barboncino in prospect heights?