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Jun 3, 2013 06:36 PM

Yumi in Sea Bright has reopened.

Closed for 7 months after Hurricane Sandy. Excellent Octopus with Garlic & Fried Cilantro, Braised Pork Belly with Yam Puree, Yellowtail Thai Style. Welcome back!

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  1. Wow, menu looks incredible, can't wait to give it a try.

    1. Glad to see that they're back. My son's friend swears by them - I had dined there once and it was good. I see their new menu (including their specialty rolls) and all I can say that is far more expensive than other local options and favorites. Could be due to the rebuild, the insurance costs, etc. and unless I'm driving in the area and want, why take a nearly 20 minute ride of Sushi in the summer and Ocean Ave.

      If anything, something for the folks on the peninsula -- keep them happy. ;-)

      On another note, a friend here at the office was commenting that he thought that Kissui Sushi next to Zoe's in LS to be the best in Monmouth. I reviewed some sites and I'm scratching my head as the reviews are far from glowing - in fact, very mixed.


      1. Major props to drubenero for turning me on to this restaurant. I tried Yumi over the weekend and can't say enough about the food (although the indifferent and spotty service was nothing to write home about). Like the OP I tried and loved the 12 hour pork belly. The other standout dishes included the trio of tartares (tuna, salmon and yellowtail), miso glazed cod (the equal of Nobu), wasabi peas crusted scallop, spicy coconut seafood soup (more like a tom yum soup - pretty spicy and I like heat), as well as the Rumson and Crazy Tuna rolls. I appreciated the fact that dishes were brought out one at a time as it allowed for each dish to be savored and provided a nice pace to the meal. Yumi is a definite stand out and I look forward to trying it again. Good luck.

        1. Wow, those rolls are expensive.

          How many rolls do you guys eat on an average? I get s few of them and this place would hurt my wallet big time LOL

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            An open omakase dinner at the sushi bar with Chef Sheunn could run you easily over $125! He's a fantastic chef though and very creative...the reality is, they charge premium NYC prices in Sea Bright NJ.