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Jun 3, 2013 06:35 PM

Calistoga/St Helena

Hi all,

We are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary with a 3-night stay in Calistoga at Indian Springs. Had planned to revisit TFL, but couldn't snag reservations, so are having our big night at Meadowood. Also got reservations at Ad Hoc, but have one dinner and all lunches wide open. Suggestions? We'll probably do breakfast or lunch at Bouchon, which we've e joyed before, once. The pickings in Calistoga proper seem slim, so we are willing to drive a bit. We'd also really like some winery recs. we've got reservations at Frog's Leap on Friday afternoon, and would like to hit. Couple of other places Friday/Saturday. We like smaller, unpretentious wineries. We enjoy reds and whites. I'm doing the seated tasting at FL because I use a wheelchair (I'm sad though, I used to love their farm tour, but recall that it is not wheelchair friendly). Please send me to some good wineries (without stairs!)

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  1. I don't see Redd mentioned - you should look into that if you haven't been before.

    Apologies, I can't remember who has stairs, but a couple suggestions for wine tasting

    Corison (appt only)
    Trespass (appt only) (warning they didn't have a bathroom there at one time not sure if that's still the case)

    1. You are in Calistoga and the two amazing eateries in that 'hood are JoLe (my preference) and SolBar. Neither will disappoint you.

      Also, you are close to Spring Mountain and Howell Mountain wineries which will provide you lots of smaller, unpretentious wineries.

      1. Congrats on your 10th Anniversary. I love The Meadowood and Frogs Leap. Another nice winery that has beautiful grounds and great wines is Duckhorn. And they are not pretentious at all. Oh, a must in Calistoga is Bennnett Lane winery, a small boutique winery, very friendly and a my fav wines!! Cheers!