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Jun 3, 2013 06:10 PM

Vedge: Dishes to choose

So a group of us are going to vedge at the end of the month… What are some go to dishes, fake meats/soy aside

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  1. Vedge does not have any fake meats. I have loved just about everything I have had there. I mostly order from the Dirt List, which changes daily depending on what is in season, available, etc., so it is hard to make recommendations for the end of the month.

    From the main menu, highlights for me are the roasted beets with rye, capers, etc.; the roasted maitake mushroom, and the braciole. I wasn't as crazy about the sweet potato pate, though others seem to rave about it.

    If the brussels sprouts with smoked mustard are on the dirt list, get them. They are usually there. I've been there on two separate occasions with professed brussels sprouts haters who loved the dish. They are probably my favorite thing there, though I love pretty much everything on the dirt list.

    The dirt list is posted on the website daily, so you can get a sense, or look earlier that day. If you follow them on Twitter, they often post pics of the dishes they are preparing for the dirt list.

    1. Fake meat? Vedge isn't that sort of vegan restaurant.

      Looking at the menu online, I don't recognize any dishes from the last time we were there, so I think it changes regularly, even daily, based on what produce is available.

      I don't actually remember ever hearing that they even have a signature dish.

      I do remember we had some killer fritters, both potato and hearts of palm, so I would recommend trying the celery root fritters on the menu.

      1. Vedge does do fake meat dishes, they usually have something featuring seitan on the menu, but I don't recall ever seeing tempeh on there. The roasted maitake mushroom/celery root fritter dish has been on the menu since they opened, I think, that's one of my favorites there. The dirt list will probably be mostly different by the end of the month but the brussels sprouts are usually on it and are always good. I've very rarely had something there I didn't like. The only dish I'd recommend you not miss is the maitake/celery root one, other than that just order whatever looks good to you, and whatever's in season that week. I was there recently and had a few other great things just in case they are still on the menu:

        - spring pea crepe, royal trumpets, whipped yukon,pea leaves, truffle
        - grilled seitan, swiss chard, smoked tahini, pickled turnips, za’atar
        - Snow Pea, Georgia Corn & Ramp Salad (from the dirt list)

        Oh, and don't skip dessert. Get the cheesecake at least, it's better than any cheesecake I've ever had that actually had cheese in it.

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          Yes, I was flabbergasted how tasty their desserts were, considering that they don't include any dairy products!

        2. Also, they offer a tasting menu, which is what we did. But in the fine print hidden on their website it mentions that you need to order that 24 hrs in advance (we didn't, but the still accomodated us).

          We have BYOBed, I think is $25 corkage/bottle, which is not cheap by Philly standards. But their wine list has only a fixed $25 markup on everything (if I remember correctly), so it's probably the best bargain wine lists in all of Philly. We had a killer Radikon orange wine off their list (went really well with a zucchini and tomato dish) that was a bargain compared to what it would have cost anywhere else.