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Jun 3, 2013 04:41 PM

Fast Chinese

Looking for a place (ideally EV) that has solid takeout/delivery. Two requests:

1) That uses real broth in their soups (wonton soup). I noticed many just use bouillon cubes to flavor water.

2) A good steamed pork dumpling. I like a chewier (thicker) skin on my dumplings.

Riceton (now closed) had a good dumpling and wonton soup. I sometimes get wonton soup from China Star (super cheap). They both have contrived broth though.

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  1. . I noticed many just use bouillon cubes to flavor water....

    I find that very hard to believe if there is a Wok Kitchen.....but I do know of a Chicken Fat product that aids in turning the stock a yellow color. I've seen that used more in Jewish Delis though.

    1. Uncle Ted's just opened in Greenwich Village and it's awesome! Replaced Suzie's but I believe they are still using the same chef, just updated the menu a bit with a solid Dim Sum Collection. Try the braised Duck dumplings - they were epic!