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Jun 3, 2013 03:40 PM

From Scratch at Headhouse last Sunday

Was in a rush on Sunday but there was a new food vendor From Scratch at the market with biscuit sandwiches, one with pimento cheese not sure what else. Did anyone have them or have any experience with them? They don't show up on google.

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  1. I didn't try them, but the sign said that it was from the folks at Supper.

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    1. The biscuit sandwiches from Supper are great. Tried one a while back at one of the Night Markets. I had the biscuit sandwich w/brisket. Glad to see they are serving them at the Headhouse market.

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        Sadly it seems to have been a one shot deal related to an event about heirloom seeds that the Supper chef was involved with (he was serving radishes with minted ricotta while the gentleman from Happy Cat was talking seeds - the radishes were great!). I want to petition for a return!