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Jun 3, 2013 12:43 PM

Nice crisp and refreshing but not flat beer for summer

Now that summer is here, I am kinda sick of overly complex strong bitter end tasting beer. My usuals are Belgium beers such as Leffe blond and Duvel and Chimay. I am looking for something lighter and refreshing but with so many selections these days, I don't know what to drink.

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  1. I take it you are in the NY metro area, correct? Don't want to throw out any regional San Diego suggestions if that is the case. :)

    1. Hefeweizens are my summer go to beers. Sierra Nevada Kellerweis and Paulaner are two of my favorites.

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      1. re: Slightly Grey

        Ditto... wheat beers are the foundation of my summer beer cycle.

        There are some great domestic wheat microbrews , some classic mass-production German wheats (like Konig-Ludwig), and some excellent popular-priced wheats too (like Leinies honey and Berry wheats)....

        Also alot of your local brewpubs will be featuring wheats on tap.

        I'm perfectly fine with adding a squeeze of lemon to a wheat, BTW. Very summerly year-long.

      2. For a change of pace, try a Hard cider......preferably imported. It's my "poor man's Champagne". US made tends to be sweeter.

        1. These three beers I've found myself recently describing as crisp and refreshing. Peak Summer Session Ale, Left Hand Polestar Pilsner, and Founders All Day IPA (a session ale). You might also want to check out the Brooklyn Summer Ale and the Harpoon Summer.

          1. If you are already into Belgian beers, then try one of the lighter ones. If you like witbiers, then try Blanche de Namur, one of my very favorites in this style. Or give some of the lambics a try. I would suggest the peach-infused Pecheresse, which has only 2.5% alcohol, and is very refreshing and drinkable.

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              I will try the Blanche de Namur. For someone who loves sweets, there are two sweet things I hate; one is coffee with sugar and alcoholic beverages with sugar and fruit flavors in them. I don't know why, they always remind me of cough syrup.