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Jun 3, 2013 12:18 PM

Kosher London Location

Hey everybody!
I'm planning to visit london for about 10 days [in September/October] and I was wondering where should I locate myself kosher-wise.
Is there like a central area where kosher supermarkets and kosher restaurants are placed, or are they scattered all over London?

I saw on that there is a list of products, and that's very helpful, but are they available in every supermarket?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. It's the situation found in many cities. The Jewiish community is in a more suburban area. you can stay there, with lots of bakeries, shuls and restaurants, or be downtown where the tourist attractions are.

    Downtown, of course, is expensive. London is expensive. But you can stay near an active shul (Marble Arch gets lots of tourists who stay in the many, many nearby hotels) and on Shabbat afternoon walk to the British Museum, which is free. pull up a good map and triangulate your chosen Shabbos walk or free museum, your chosen downtown shul, and hotels in your price range.

    Check recent threads. But downtown has two outstanding restaurants, Bevis Marks and Adafina. There are recent threads on these. Selfridges Department Store, which a huge food court on the lower level , is the go-to spot for downtown self-catering.

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      Reuben's is a downtown restaurant option also.

      Personally I'd suggest staying downtown since you're in the city to be a tourist not to eat. But if you're there for 10 days you will probably take the tube out to the Jewish neighborhoods at some point to eat/shop.

      1. re: avitrek

        Agreed. But I'm dying to try Adafina, and Bevis Marks in their new location.

        England is much easier in many ways in recent years. You can find bread with a hechscher printed on the package in pretty much every supermarket.

        On the other hand, you may not want to wear a visible kippah in London.

    2. Thank you all!

      Where exactly is downtown? I always thought it's an American term, but apparently not. Is it the area surrounding Hyde Park?

      I will check recent threads, thank you.

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      1. re: McBrownie

        you're right. I was using "downtown" in a very vague way. Staying near the Marble Arch synagogue gets you near a minyan, near the kosherfood court at Selfriges, and near Ruben's - so it works well for most tourists. Lots of hotels. From this location you can walk to a great many of the major tourist destinations. And get on the tube.

        London is enormous. so there are other options. But the Marble Arch area is the area of choice for a kosher-keeping tourist who wants access to food and to the major tourist destinations.

        1. re: AdinaA

          Central London is generally the term used for "in town." The Marble Arch is located on the western frontier. There are lots of hotels and access is easy, as Adina said.

          However, we recently stayed in St Johns Wood, which was a nice compromise. It was a bit quieter though there it wasn't totally suburban (might compare it to Forest Hills or Park Slope), but it was a 10 minute tube ride into the main tourist areas and a 10-15 minute tube ride out to Golders Green, the main Jewish areas. There are shuls throughout the near Northern areas (St Johns Wood, Swiss Cottage, West and South Hampstead), up to Golders Green and Hendon, where the bulk of the orthodox population lives.