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Jun 3, 2013 12:10 PM

Can I cook steak IN sauce

I'm not a big fan of grilled steak in general, even if it is a wonderful expensive cut.

My husband bought two Delmonico cut steaks from the farmer's market and is going to marinate his own in just some olive oil and balsamic and then pan sear.

But I made a pesto like salad dressing last night and had more than would fit in the bottle left so asked if I could marinate my own in the pesto sauce (thinner than a paste but not watery like a marinade). So my steak has been marinated in pesto and now I'm not sure how to cook it. The sauce is awesome and I'm not sure, even with 24 hours, if it will have flavored the meat at all. So I'm hoping that I don't have to get ride of the marinade and just pan sear.

Has anyone cooked a steak in sauce like you would poach a plain chicken breast in mushroom sauce? Or will I ruin a good steak?

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  1. How much pesto sauce are we talking about? Unless it's too similar to grilling for you I'd broil it sauce and all.

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      It's currently in a zip lock in at least a cup of sauce but I can easily get rid of most of that and just broil it with a good coating of sauce. I worried it would burn but if you don't think so, I'll try it.

    2. I would not do that to a steak. You have a tender cut. Why use wet heat?

      Edited to answer your CAN do it, but I wouldn't. Delmonico cut is not chicken breast.

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        I guess because steak never seems tender to me even when it's tender (if that makes sense). Or maybe it's tender but just seems bland? I really only tend to enjoy super thinly sliced Mongolian style beef (which I know is probably made with a fatty cut and is saturated in salty sauce). I like other meat a lot but struggle with beef.

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          That's okay. Just because a prep method is unconventional doesn't mean you *can't* do it. Do what tastes good to you.

          Does tender beef not seem "tender" because you like some sauce with it, do you think? Maybe, for your tastebuds, saucy=tasty/tender?

      2. Honestly, I would dry it off now that the marinade has soaked in and grill it.

        1. I just found this link for you about grilling. It's an idea.

          1. Pesto's usually contain cheese. If there is cheese in your's it's probably going to make a bit of a mess when you try to pan sear the steak, The cheese will separate and the milk solids will become burnt before the steak is done cooking. I would rinse the steaks off (and pat them dry) to remove any excess cheese then put the extra sauce on afterwards.

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            1. re: Atomic76

              Ah, there is parm, in the pesto. The good news is that I did this only to my own steak. My husband wouldn't let me touch his. But I was worried about this kind of thing exactly.