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Jun 3, 2013 11:54 AM

Any really good Ice cream around here?

A couple years ago, I moved to the Maryland suburbs from Boston, where good and creative ice cream places are plentiful. I've yet to find anything similar in the DC area. Am I missing something? Any recommendations, preferably in Montgomery Cty, but I'll broaden my radius for something worthwhile.

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  1. York Castle in Rockville is #1, area-wide. So many good flavors, too, especially the tropical ones. You could also ask for their swiss sauce, though that puts it over the top (in a good way).

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    1. re: Steve

      Thanks, I will try it. I'm more of a chocolate, hot fudge sundae kinda gal but maybe I'll find something I like. I'm mostly interested in the ice cream being of high quality, then variety.

      1. re: Burb_Foodie

        Can't go wrong with the mango - you can always 'chocolatize' it with the swiss sauce.

      2. re: Steve

        Second York Castle.

        Though I don't understand why you are looking for "creative ice cream places" if you just want chocolate ice cream!

        Also look at Sam's Cafe - traditional Italian gelato, but the flavors have a Persian twist.

        1. re: Steve

          Partial dissent: I love York Castle, especially the tropical fruit flavors and ginger, but I can't stand the swiss sauce.

        2. The Valrhona chocolate gelato from Dolcezza (the Bethesda Row store) is a dark and wonderful (not as sweet as most gelato or ice cream) and really dark chocolate. I do not like the other flavors that I have sampled nearly as much. It is pricey, but ...

          They have a web site, but the address is:
          7111 Bethesda Lane, Bethesda, Md.

          There is also Moorenko's Ice Cream in Silver Spring, but I have not been in a long time.

          I really like the York Castle ice cream (in Rockville too, but have never had anything chocolate there). I usually don't choose fruit flavors except at this place.

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            At Dolcezza (gelato, not ice cream) I go for the amargo chocolate and the sea salt, don't care much about the other flavors.

            1. re: mscoffee1

              I like Dolcezza a lot (my 3 year old adores the valrhona gelato) and the staff are so friendly. I had a cup of roasted strawberry gelato and campari and grapefruit sorbet recently which was a nice combination.

              I buy Moorenko's from wholefoods - their creme fraiche ice cream is totally addictive and great on the side of a slice of chocolate espresso cake, fruit pies etc.

              I also love the ice cream in 2 Amys (I know, I am their biggest fan!) their vanilla is so custardy and they do lovely seasonal flavours - the roasted pineapple on tuesday was so good.

              1. re: helen_m

                I love 2 Amys' ice cream and sorbets, too! Sooo good.

            2. York Castle is the best. For gelato I think Pitango is pretty good, and you can try the custard at Dairy Godmother, but you just have to get used to the fact that the ice cream isn't as good as Boston.

              1. I am years away from your area so I don't know, but does the University of Maryland still have an ice cream place in College Park on Route 1 that is an outlet and lab for its ice cream-making Dairy/Ag students? I still dream of their malted milks with an extra ice cream float. I googled and came up with The Dairy [shop] in Turner Hall. If they are still in business, don't miss this. Wildly high butterfat. Yelp talks about it.

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                  According to the website, it is open 10am-3pm M-F. Closed weekends.

                2. I moved here from Boston, and I miss the ice cream as well! I really love Thomas Sweet's in Georgetown. Really high quality, my favorite is the chocolate peanut butter. Lots of fun chocolatey flavors.