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Jun 3, 2013 10:52 AM

Buying fresh fish in Montclair NJ?

After much trepidation, reading, and youtube-ing, I finally took the plunge and pan-seared tilapia fillets last night. You may laugh, but I have never cooked fish before (shellfish, yes). A lap band has encouraged me to seek out better proteins, and while it turned out just fabulous and I'm very pleased, I find I know nothing about actually purchasing fresh fishies. My daughter picked up the fillets at Whole Foods in West Orange.

I'd like any recommendations for buying fresh fish in the Montclair area? (I'm in Upper Montclair). I've noticed Peter's Fish Market listed on the boards a while back, anything closer? Or should I stick with Whole Foods? Thanks!

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  1. Fairway
    Shore Catch - saturdays at the walnut st. farmers market

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    1. re: harrison

      My brother buys from them all the time and said their stuff is fantastic

      1. re: harrison

        Farmer's market and then brunch at Le Salbuen sounds good to me.

        Does one have to get to the market by a certain time for a good selection? I've only been once or twice.

        1. re: Moondancer5

          I'm usually there somewhere between 10-12 and they have plenty - don't know what it looks like later. They have a great assortment. And if you like scallops, make the investment. Huge and unbelievably delicious.

      2. Kings Supermarket on Valley Rd in Upper Montclair carries wonderful fresh fish. They always have a good selection, I am even able to get Sashimi grade yellowfin tuna for making yummy sushi (it's even on sale this week, as is Chilean sea bass and scottish salmon.)

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          And they're right nearby! Good to know, thanks!

        2. Foodtown, Cedar Grove is very good. Shoprite , Caldwell.... Sometimes Ill ride to Newark on w/e to Popular.

          1. Caldwell Seafood Market on Bloomfield Avenue is exceptional. Super fresh fish, super clean place, friendly staff.

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            1. re: stevenb30

              I always wondered about Caldwell Seafood - how is the selection and prices?

              1. re: harrison

                Selection varies based upon what was available in the water, but the in season salmon and halibut (our favorites), for starters, are excellent, along with soft shell crab in season. they also have a nice variety of prepared stuff - seafood salads, etc. Price is commensurate with the quality of the fish. and not to knock Whole Foods, by comparison, but I will since their prices are higher, the quality is usually not as good, and many of their 'specials' are previously frozen, thought not always marked as such.

              2. re: stevenb30

                I wondered about them! Will have to try them too.

              3. Ahah... I think the black bear in the news today must be a chowhounder who saw this thread and went looking for some fresh fish....