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Jun 3, 2013 10:33 AM

Looking for best restaurant in Portland where we can bring along our toddler

My husband and I spent one great night in Portland a few summers ago before we had our daughter. We'll be back this summer for one night with our 20 month in tow and we're looking for the best possible meal we can have with her. From some searches on here, it seems that an early dinner at Fore Street or Street & Co could work or perhaps a meal at Local 188. Any suggestions? We take our daughter out to eat a lot so she's pretty used to the routine (and we bring along some Elmo on our ipad for emergencies), but there's obviously a limit to where we can go. Thanks for your help!

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  1. I think I'd lean Local 188's way. Nothing frou frou, and though I have no kids, it seems the most kid-friendly of the three you mentioned.

    1. Of the three listed, I too would go with Local 188 though when I think toddler, I think outside. If looking for something good where a toddler wouldn't be a problem even if they were being a problem, my leanings would be that late afternoon (4:00PMish) time frame maybe at Eventide or Pai Men Miyake or maybe Duckfat. You could eat outside or if the weather is not good, you could still eat in at a time when you could eat without too much worry about disturbing others.

      Food not in the same league, but there's always the very toddler friendly Flatbread, Silly's, or Local Sprouts just in case you want to throw out the whole fine dining idea altogether but still get something good to eat.

      1. The folks at Paciarino are always very friendly towards kids, and will happily make up basic pasta with cheese or butter, even though it's not on the menu. They only have one high chair, though. We've never brought our little girl to Street & Co but the staff there are pretty relaxed and the volume level is high enough that if your daughter gets a little loud it won't be disruptive. (Both are also conveniently close to Gorgeous Gelato, which I highly recommend).

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          Heartily second this recco - we did eat here with our overtired 3.5 year old a few years ago, and it went very well. Elegant in a casual way, superb, genuinely Italian pasta.

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            +1. Definitely add Paciarino to the list.

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              Thanks folks -- I am adding Paciarino to my list for our July visit -- my kids (almost 9) love pasta (one with just cheese and butter). We are also taking them to Street and Co -- for two years in a row I have been unable to try it due to plane/weather issues.

              That will take care of our two big dinners. For the other meals, I plan on lots of grazing, but Fishermens Grill for sure. It seems to have survived the ownership change just fine.

              For breakfast (two) I am leaning towards Becky's -- good food and huge menu -- and 158 Pickett Street --- fantastic bagels and beautiful outdoor eating area.

              1. re: Bob W

                I have nothing against Becky's and the food is just fine for breakfast and I do have a soft spot for places whose history adds to its luster (e.g. The Great Lost Bear) but in the end it's your basic breakfast joint. I do stop in when it's really early and it's the only game in town and the counter has some real characters eating but, if it's a nice day I'm much more likely to go over to the Porthole to eat on their deck. Becky's also has a nice deck and some quirkiness about it like just parking behind someone and blocking them in - you let the hostess know you did this so you can be summoned to move your car mid meal. I kinda like stuff like that... but for more interesting food, the Porthole is usually my choice.

                1. re: bobbert

                  bobbert -- I would certainly be amenable to the Porthole -- what is good at breakfast? We are staying downtown at the Hampton Inn so I hope to do some good walking around. I looked at the breakfast menu at Hot Suppa, seems sort of limited (even though the reviews are generally good).

                  I am really looking forward to 158 Pickett Street, actually. Those bagels are really good.

                  1. re: Bob W

                    Aside from your usual assortment of basic breakfast offerings (eggs, make your own omelets, pancakes, French toast) they have a biscuits and gravy (almost too much food), a tasty eggs Florentine, shrimp and grits (next on my to try list) and a number of interesting Benedicts. The Porthole also tends to have an interesting assortment of characters that eat there. If you’re inside because of weather be forewarned that the counter area is a bar – sometimes I get a little put off eating breakfast while staring at rows of booze, even in nicer restaurants that have a Sunday brunch I tend to avoid the bar - maybe a little quirk of mine. Outside on the deck is the best place and for the OP the toddler can be completely cut loose outside.
                    If you haven't tried Standard Bakery yet, you should add that to your list.

                    1. re: bobbert

                      Thanks Bobbert. The W family always hits the Standard, usually before getting on the road north. Since we are staying close by, we'll definitely gets there.